Frequently Asked Questions

What can i do on shaadiwish?

On Shaadiwish, you can read articles about wedding planning and wedding trends on our Blog and book wedding venues, photographers, and other vendors through the help of our concierge service (contact them on +91-98127 17449 or

How Do I Write A Review?

Once you're logged in, find the people you have worked with. You can locate the vendor by using the search bar, look for the “Write a review” link located below the social buttons. Make sure to include your rating, review text, and role in the wedding.

How Do I Contact the shaadiwish customer service team?

It’s your dream wedding and there is a 13th hour requirement? Worry not, we will try our best to be the best wedding planner ever!
Email: WhatsApp : Leave us a message at +91-98127 17449

what is the real shaadis section about?

Find inspiration for your big day with these heart warming real love stories. You'll be able to see what these beautiful couples did and maybe find cues on what you would too like to. And it would be truly wonderful if you share you love story with the SW community to melt us a bit, teach us a bit and embrace the love...all of it.

I have a wedding business and would love to have a listing on shaadiwish

That makes us so happy! We love hearing from new partners. We are going to connect you with one of our wedding experts. Once you are signed up and made your profile, you can connect with us any time at customer care id Our wedding expert will reach out to you within 2 working days of receiving your email. Welcome to the ShaadiWish family, we want you to know we earnestly want your business to be easily and tremendously scalable with us.

How is shaadiwish different from any wedding planning portal you have ever seen?

For our partners, one of the main advantages is that they are not limited to the Indian metro markets, but are given an opportunity to reach customers located in regional and international markets. All this not through an outdated subscription model which is designed to help only the 1% cream but meticulously thought through and strategically crafted promotional plans ranging from branded co-partnerships, social media campaigns, concept photoshoots, international exhibition space and working with tourism boards across Europe and US for that NRI wedding that needs you as much as you want them.

We are here to create an everlasting brand for you, not just slap you with a generic Facebook & Instagram post targeted to people who are not getting married anywhere in the next 3 years for a price you yourself can run digital ads individually for a much higher reach. It’s strategic, individual for everyone and above all we are here to do more than just business. Welcome to the family.