#RealShaadis: Neha & Kunal’s Beautiful ISKCON Temple Wedding!

When the bride and the groom come from different cultures, the wedding is bound to be sprinkled with the most unexpected elements.
Here is a #RealShaadi you are going to love, an enchanting cultural cocktail. Neha, a British Marwari girl married her beau Kunal who is a half Parsi-Bengali South Bombay boy, in an intimate ceremony at Iskcon Temple, Mumbai.

Here Are 9 Reasons Why You NEED A Wedding Fashion Stylist!

There are a lot of tiny elements that go into making a wedding successful. It’s just not just what is around you, but also everything that you adorn that adds to the charm of the event.
Now, many of us aren’t pro at picking out styles that suit us or embracing trends that are being welcomed in the fashion world.

The Annual Indian Designers Sale 2017 (In Stores & Online)

Every girl’s dream – Endless shopping! What’s better? When it’s guilt free. Well, our favourite time of the year is here and we are all set to shop without breaking the bank. Now please excuse us as we need to clear some spaces in our wardrobes. Here’s the ultimate list of designers going on sale this month. So hurry up and get going.

The 23 Wedding Weekly Trends – 18th Editor’s Choice

Just as excited as we are to disclose this week’s wedding trends, we know you too have been waiting to get a top up on what’s been the talk of the town. From a funky bangle bar to a pre-wedding shoot on the house boats of Alleppey, we have scouted and curated the best stuff. We won’t make you wait anymore. Just scroll down and savour these.

The 20 Common Mistakes Most Indian Brides Make & How To Avoid Them!

The date is fixed and you are getting married. Congratulations! Like, everyone else you also want things to move as smoothly as possible during the course of the wedding planning process. And while, you won’t get perfection in everything, there are some things you can avoid to have a hassle free customary wedding routine, learning from other people’s experiences.