Marriage is a life-altering decision and so is changing your last name after marriage. While some brides look forward to it, others not so much. Changing your last name after marriage is completely subjective and a personal choice to be honest. There is no such law that binds you to changing your last name compulsorily if you are married. It is each one’s individual choice and no one can take that away from you. Though, having the same last names do come with a fair share of benefits. Whether you know you will change your last name or you’re still deciding, here are a few things you need to know before you start the process.

Know All About The Steps & Benefits Of Changing Your Last Name After Marriage:

Everything About Keeping Or Changing Your Last Name

When it comes to changing name, you can do either of these three options –

  1. Take Up The Husband’s Surname – One of the most common practices is for women to adopt their husband’s surname.
  2. Keeping the Maiden Name – Some women are sticking to their maiden name even after marriage as it is what you have been identifying yourself with for the past few decades. After all, it also carries the emotional value of being the surname of your parents. It is completely fine if you don’t want to change your name at all.
  3. Using Both Surnames – For women who don’t wish to give up on their maiden name but still want to acknowledge being a part of the husband’s family, this is the best way out. The husband’s surname is simply suffixed to yours and it’s a win-win for both. Many women also choose to use their maiden name in the work sphere as it has become their brand identity but on documents, they get their names modified. And so, they use both names with ease.

Here’s A Step-By-Step Guide Of Changing Your Last Name After Marriage

While it is easy and quite common to change your last name in India unofficially on social media handles. However, legally there are a few steps you need to understand and follow.

Step 1 – Getting Your Marriage Registered

The first step is to get your marriage registered officially. To do so, you can visit the official website of the Indian government and download the marriage registration forms. Fill them out and submit them to the Sub Registrar’s Office in your area. You must procure a marriage registration certificate from the Registrar’s office within 45 to 60 days of the date of your wedding. From Process To Fees: Step-By-Step Guide About Court Marriage In India.

Step 2 – Get An Affidavit With All The Updated Details

Once you procure your marriage certificate, the next step in changing your last name is to make an affidavit with a wish to take up your husband’s surname and along with other details like –

  •       Maiden name
  •       Proposed new name
  •       Husband’s name
  •       Address
  •       Copy of your marriage certificate

Further, attach a photo and sign the affidavit. Once the affidavit is ready, get it printed out on ₹10 stamp paper.

Steps & Benefits Of Legally Changing Your Last Name After Marriage

Step 3 – Notarize Your Affidavit

Once the affidavit is ready, get it notarized by visiting a notary public. If the candidate resides out of the country, he/she must get the affidavit attested by the embassy of that particular country in India.

Step 4 – Declaration To Third Party

Once all the necessary procedural requirements on the affidavit are completed, the next step would be to notify all third parties by publishing about the name change in newspapers. One national daily in the English language and one local language newspaper. Most newspaper publications have a dedicated section for such announcements.

Step 5 – Gazette Notification

To finalize the process of changing your last name, after the newspaper advertisement, you need to get the name change published in a national gazette. Visit the Controller of Publication of any National Gazette along with all the affidavits, newspaper advertisements of your name change, Valid ID proof and Marriage Certificate along with other important documents.

Step 6 – Update All Government And Financial Documents

Once all this is done, you need to update all your government documents with the newly changed name. Documents such as the PAN card, bank documents, passport, driving license, insurance, etc. This would help in the documentation and future registrations. 

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Benefits Of Changing Your Last Name After Marriage

Though being a personal choice, if you are to go through with the process changing your last name, there certainly are few pros attached to it –

  •       Your partner and everyone around are happy!
  •       It would help in a lot of documentation and a lot less paperwork in terms of passport, visa, insurance, properties etc. Having the same surname will get the work done without any hassle.
  •       You can keep your maiden name and also your husband’s surname if it has a nice ring to your name. This way, it’s a win-win for both!
  •       In future, it would be a lot less problematic for kids and again less explaining to do.
Steps & Benefits Of Legally Changing Your Last Name After Marriage
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