Are you bored of the same old styles of bachelorette parties? Well, with changing times, the new age brides would love an upgrade from the old style of bachelorette parties. Moreover, we understand that the definition of the perfect bachelorette celebration may not just be drinking or going pub hopping for everyone and that it varies from person to person. So, we have listed a few new ways of how you can have fun with your bridal squad!

Bored Of The Same Old Bachelorette Party? Here Are 8 Unique Bachelorette Celebration Ideas To Try:

1. Cooking Class

Yes, as cliché as it sounds, cooking is a fun activity to partake, especially with your girl gang! There are many multi-cuisine cooking classes hosted these days where you can learn how to make your own pizza, or even whip up a classic continental dish. Enroll your girls and learn something amazing. Get the wine glasses ready to sip while you cook with the girlfriends to make sure everyone has fun. Enjoy the delicious treats you cooked at the end of the party and raise a toast to the lovely bride-to-be.  

2. Spa Weekend To Unwind

There’s no such thing as getting too many spas! Take your girl gang for a relaxing spa weekend and enjoy the serenity and calmness before the madness begins. This bachelorette celebration idea could be just the thing you need before pre-wedding shenanigans begin.

Unique Bachelorette Celebration Ideas For New-Age Brides

3. Bartending Classes

If the bride-to-be loves partying, she will love this bachelorette celebration idea. Think of a stunning setup in a bar where you and your girls are witnessing a charming bartender teaching you and the girls how to mix, shake and pour palate-pleasing craft cocktails. Sounds exciting, isn’t it?

4. House Party And Games Night

Put on your robes, and settle in for a fun and laid-back house party topped with some of your favorite games! Plan a theme if you may, dance and have a fun night.

Unique Bachelorette Celebration Ideas For New-Age Brides

Here are 10 fun game ideas to make your bachelorette legendary.

5. Wine Tasting Is A Perfect Bachelorette Celebration Idea

If partying isn’t your game but you don’t mind drinking, then this is just the perfect mid-way! Also, what’s a better way to celebrate singledom than taking a stroll in the winery? Go to a vineyard, and spend a weekend sipping on wine, nibbling on cheese, and having the greatest times of your life with your dearest girls.

Pro Tip: Sula Vineyard sounds like a great pick as they also host many wine tasting tours every single day.

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6. Glamping With Your Girl Gang

Wondering what glamping is? It’s camping plus glamour! While the regular thing may be a simple tent and a sleeping bag, glamping typically involves more comfort and luxury. Take your girl gang to a luxe camping and unwind under the stars!

7. Beachside Brunch

Beachside brunches are a killer option that you simply cannot go wrong with! If you live somewhere near the beach, then great. Else plan a weekend getaway to a seaside town and take your bridal squad for a beachside picnic. Enjoy the day drinking, eating and celebrating the happiness of getting hitched with a sundowner. 

Unique Bachelorette Celebration Ideas For New-Age Brides

8. Go Cruising As A Last Sail Before the Veil

If you are a sea baby, then book a cruise trip for yourself and the gang. Enjoy a few days of pure relaxation, good food, partying, casino and bonding. Enjoy a few days of pure relaxation, good food, partying, casino and bonding by the sea as the cruise takes you around the most beautiful blue waters!

Also, here are more ideas to plan a perfect bachelorette party for your BFF.

Save these gorgeous and fun bachelorette party cake ideas. 

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