With the wedding season right around the corner, celebrate your loved one’s wedding in a special way. If you are out to make a memorable statement with your gift, then it has to be something classy and enduring that can be cherished for a lifetime. Nothing spells perfection better than the watches from the Master Of Materials, Rado.

The Swiss watch brand, Rado is celebrated across the world for its innovative designs, quality, and durability. The brand’s latest collection – Centrix range with quartz and automatic movements, is all about elegant designs that radiate understated class. With a multitude of styles, color combinations and sizes to choose from, Rado spoils you with choices.

When it comes to picking a luxury wedding gift for the newlyweds, Rado’s stylish couple watches are unparalleled. The design comes with Rado’s signature sapphire crystals that add to the scratch-resistant shine which remains intact for eons to come.

The Centrix collection is highly versatile and the designs are so chic and fashionable that both men and women can style it with panache. Sleek, proficient, and persuasive, the collection is a true personification of style and class. Rado has consistently raised the bar with their one-of-a-kind luxury couple watches and the Centrix collection is no different!

Here Is A Sneak Peek At Rado ’s Luxurious Centrix Collection For Those Looking For Everlasting Gift For Couples:

Centrix Automatic Open Heart Is Rado ’s Luxury Range

Rado’s Centrix Automatic Open Heart watches are surely head-turners! Their all-around style is supremely luxurious. The design features each passing moment with finesse without compromising the aesthetics of these timeless pieces. The Centrix Automatic Open Heart offers a fascinating glimpse of how the Swiss-made automatic Rado watches work from behind the classic dial. Highlighting exactly this, is the Centrix Open Heart design that shows us it is what’s on the inside; that counts.

The open dial design can instantly draw eyes for being exceptionally unique. It is because of such creative, pioneering designs that Rado remains ever relevant with each passing year. The range comes in five classy color combinations of straps and dials. These one-of-a-kind pieces get all the visibility they deserve and the newlyweds will treasure them for decades.

Rado Centrix Collection Makes For A Perfect And Timeless Wedding Gift!

Centrix Quartz Straight From Rado’s Core Collection

For decades now, Rado has been that standout brand for intricately designed watches that can be passed down as heirloom pieces. The Centrix Quartz range is one such timepiece that is packed with chicness, panache and style. The luxurious feel that these couple watches have is simply unmatchable. Its versatile range of color combinations and the glamourous sparkle of diamonds is unmatched.

The Centrix Quartz takes off the sheen of ostentation, giving it a rich, subdued appearance that is as tasteful as it is alluring. The selection range for women and men stands alike – classy, well-designed, and with a statement of glam. Each uniquely designed to add chicness and oomph to the wearer’s personality. Rado’s signature diamonds add to the much-needed wedding glitz and glam, thus enhancing the timeless element.

Rado Centrix Collection Makes For A Perfect And Timeless Wedding Gift!

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Luxuriously Timeless – Centrix Automatic

This Swiss brand constantly pushes the limits of existing know-how in luxury timepieces. Rado took it up a notch in the luxury range with the Centrix Automatic movement collection. Suited for dynamic couples who love minimalistic bling around their wrists, these couple watches are sure to leave you spellbound. The Centrix Automatic models are powered by a Swiss-made automatic movement. They are ingeniously built to capture the wearer’s energy and movements to wind the watch flawlessly.

If you are aiming to gift opulent-looking couple watches, then these could be your go-to pick! The sheer chicness and crisp design of the watches makes them highly versatile for every occasion. From the opulent white with rose gold to sophisticated black and gold combination, you will be spoilt for color choices.

Centrix Diamonds Are Forever And Can Last A Lifetime

Encrusted with diamonds and a date dial, these stylish watches from Rado’s Centrix Diamond range scream elite class. The diamonds lend it richness and charm that can go on for eons to come. Moreover, these come in both quartz and automatic movements for you to choose from. The classy design of this range offers a myriad of exceptional sizes and color combinations that can go with every couple’s personality.

It is clean, classic, can be dressed up, dressed down, and it will last for-literally-ever. Each of these stylish watches will not only complement the newlyweds now, but will also stay in vogue years after.

Rado Centrix Collection Makes For A Perfect And Timeless Wedding Gift!

These chic phenomenal ranges of couple watches are going to stay sparkly, new and precious forever. Now, isn’t Rado giving you all the right reasons to pick these couple watches as a wedding gift? The entire collection is subtle, classy and uber-stylish and will surely make your timeless gift stand apart from the rest. So, what are you waiting for? Dive deep into the luxurious world of Rado and splurge on something everlasting and one-of-a-kind! Also, head to Rado’s website to get your hands on these enduring pieces.

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