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From Rahul, naam toh suna hoga to Palat, Shah Rukh Khan’s aura and charm has left women awestruck for decades now! Bollywood’s Badshah Shah Rukh Khan never ceases to amaze his fans with his powerful acting and his absolute charm. Even after almost 3 decades of ruling the industry, SRK still manages to rule hearts with every passing day. He is known as the King of Romance and continues to swoon us off our feet and leave our hearts waltzing every time we see him on the big screen. We think there are some prominent reasons why Shah Rukh Khan is still the Dilwala who makes us weak in the knees with his dimpled smile.

Here Are The Reasons That Makes Shah Rukh Khan The Eternal Dilwala:

The Iconic ‘Palat’ Dialogue

The iconic ‘Palat’ dialogue still remains to be the reason why many girls fall head over heels with Shah Rukh Khan! The classic scene from Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge still gives us butterflies in the stomach, isn’t it?

Reasons Why Shah Rukh Khan Still Remains The Heartthrob For Many!

The Classic Arm Stretch!

Which girl wouldn’t run into Shah Rukh Khan’s arms if he does his iconic move?

Shah Rukh Khan’s Dimpled Smile!

Who isn’t going to fall or keep falling for Shah Rukh Khan’s stunning dimpled smile?

Reasons Why Shah Rukh Khan Still Remains The Heartthrob For Many!

Shah Rukh Khan Restored Our Faith In Happy Endings

His epic dialogue from Om Shaanti Om made us believe that if things aren’t going our way; then it’s not the end, there is something more awaiting you! Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost!

He Taught Us Not To Stop Our Endless Pursuit For True Love

Through his movies, Shah Rukh Khan taught us the truest essence of true love and how one should always be on a hunt for it. Moreover, if you have found your love, never give up on it!

Reasons Why Shah Rukh Khan Still Remains The Heartthrob For Many!

SRK’s Story Of Making It Big In The Industry Is Highly Inspirational!

Shah Rukh Khan’s story of turning ‘rags to riches’ is highly inspirational. While being an outsider, he made his way through Bollywood and made it big and how.

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He Wasn’t The Hero Every Time And Yet Was Lovable!

Time and again, Shah Rukh Khan played a character that wasn’t always a good one or a hero. He demonstrated his versatility with his negative characters and evil never looked so goddamn sexy.

His Amazing Wit And Sense Of Humor

The world isn’t unaware of SRK’s amazing wit and sense of humor! If you scroll through Shah Rukh Khan’s twitter or go through his amazing interviews, you will know what we are talking about. His ability to crack jokes with a straight face will surely leave you awestruck.

He Is The Feminist Kind Of Man That The World Needs!

Immensely feminist, Shah Rukh Khan has always been vocal how he thinks the women are meant to rule the world and they deserve that spot! If this isn’t a reason to love him, we don’t know what is.

Reasons Why Shah Rukh Khan Still Remains The Heartthrob For Many!

Shah Rukh Khan Is A Gentleman And The World Knows It

One of the first male actors from Bollywood who insisted that his co-star actress’s name should be first in the movie’s titles. Shah Rukh Khan is known to be the gentleman of the industry and everyone agrees to the same. Also, apart from his onscreen aura, his charm and respect that he gives to women around him is often seen during interviews and shows.

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