We have spotted many photoshoot trends and ideas making their way on social media. However, this Kerala bride recently posed alongside the roadside potholes and the has gone viral! This unique video and the picture of this Kerala bride has now become an internet sensation.

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This Kerala Bride Is Now An Internet Sensation For Her Unique Photoshoot With Potholes:

Check Out This Kerala Bride Making Her Way Alongside Potholes During Her Photoshoot

Wedding photographers usually go to great lengths to capture that perfect frame of their clients. But this one is a first where the photographer and the bride ditched a scenic spot and decided to do things a bit differently. A bride decided to make her wedding shoot memorable by highlighting the issue of potholes in the area. A video featuring the bride and the wedding photographer is doing rounds on social media. The video shows the bride dressed in a red saree walking on a road riddled with potholes.

In the video, clad in a red bridal saree, the bride is walking with a lot of grace along a large pothole which is filled with muddy water. A photographer is seen capturing the bride’s pictures from a distance.

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Photographer/Videographer: Arrow Wedding Company

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