Raksha Bandhan brings around all the mushy feelings we have for our brother. No matter how much we argue or have a banter about numerous things, one thing that never changes is the love we hold for them. If you are married or getting hitched, we are sure you are all emotional when rakhi is around the corner. From the countless arguments to their irritating yet adorable habits, every sister misses these little things about her brother after getting married.

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Here Are Some Things You Are Surely Going To Miss About Your Brother When You Get Hitched:

The Classic Fight For Remote

Every house has witnessed the classic fight for the TV remote! No matter how old you get, the fight for remote is never too old. We have hardly seen any two siblings not fight over the tv remote to watch their favorite show. This is one of the many things that a sister is going to miss about her brother.

Watching Your Favorite TV Show Together

Well, after the immense fight for the remote, one of you gives in and ends up watching what the other one wants. Isn’t it? Also, there is no fun in watching a TV show alone you know your brother loves. We definitely know that watching it together is more fun!

Raksha Bandhan Special 15 Things Every Girl Misses About Her Brother After Getting Married

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The Siblings Who Always Open The Door

Returning home post your curfew time? You never have to worry as your sibling has got your back! No matter if its you or your brother who is late home a party, siblings always open the door without parents finding out! Partners in crime for life, isn’t it?

Midnight Snacking With Your Brother

Nothing beats the midnight snacking and munching with your brother. The fight form who will make the Maggi to who gets a larger share of the munchies, you are bound to miss these little things.

Looking Out For Your Brother Like He’s Your Own Child

If you have a younger brother, then it is very natural that you have felt like a second mom to him since the day he was born. It is definitely difficult to feel that distance when you are married and away from him. Your maternal instincts are surely going to be all over the place wondering if your brother is doing ok and needs to be rescued from any tough situation. Also, who will scold him to stop being dumb?

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Your Brother Is Your Go-To Chauffeur

This is nothing new that every brother is his sister’s driver and a chauffeur! You are surely going to miss those sweet talks you did when you wanted him to drive you somewhere. Having a brother means having a free valet service available 24/7. 

Brother Are Your Pillar Of Strength And Protectiveness

There is no denying that be it your younger brother or the elder one, they are super protective of you. Whether it is with other guys or for any random thing possible, they are your pillars that you can lean on no matter what! Now that you are married, you will miss that protective nature so much. You will miss having that person to take care of you at all times.

Raksha Bandhan Special 15 Things Every Girl Misses About Her Brother After Getting Married

Your Person When You Need Any Opinion

Brothers are someone you often turn towards for opinions. It doesn’t matter of they are younger or elder to you, it is always great to have their insight and suggestions on thing. They always give you a guy’s perspective which could come handy on various occasions. Whether it’s about buying a gift or handling an issue, having a brother means you get to see both the sides.

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Brothers Do No Spare You With The Constant Teasing

You can dress up in the most amazing outfit and yet your brother can find a way to tease you. You are surely going to miss the irritating and annoying comments your brother has about everything you do! In fact, you don’t even realize how much you enjoy that constant teasing until it doesn’t happen anymore and you feel bored.

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Playing Board Games Or Video Games

Game nights with your siblings are one of the best times! From laughter to banter, there is a roller coaster of emotions. It will be one of the major things you will miss when you aren’t around your brothers. After all, isn’t that what made you competitive all your life?

Ordering Food Together

What is better than having a food buddy with whom you can eat and discuss food at any hour of the day? Having a brother means nothing less than having a lifetime partner for ordering whatever food you want to and after getting hitched, this is only going to become like a once-in-a-blue-moon kind of thing!

Lazing Around Together

Remember all those times when you and your brother simply lay on the sofa and did nothing? That’s what you will miss the most! Sitting next to each other yet sharing memes and videos on Instagram, brothers are those people with whom you simply can be yourself.

Raksha Bandhan Special 15 Things Every Girl Misses About Her Brother After Getting Married

The Blame Game Partner

Brothers are someone who are either push you under the bus, or take a fall for you when your parents are giving you a tough time. They may be a pain in the wrong place out of 10 times but every brother takes the blame for his sister more often than never. Now, who will come to your rescue when you get married?

Sneaking Out For That Midnight Drive

Remember those nights when your brother convinced you to sneak out at night for a quick drive? Well, it is in such epic moments that you made one hell of a memory for a lifetime!

Your Go-To Person, No Matter What!

A brother is usually the first person a sister goes to when it comes to anything big or small. It doesn’t matter if that thing is happy or sad. He is going to help you sort your biggest problems and celebrate even your tiniest victories. So, it is natural to feel sad when you think about what will happen once you tie the knot.

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