Social media is a place that is filled with crazy and fun trends. In one of such wedding trends that took the internet by storm was a couple’s wedding contract. The couple Shanti Prasad and Mintu Ray married at a traditional ceremony in Guwahati on June 21, 2022. After their ceremony, the couple signed on a fun wedding contract where they agreed to eat only one pizza a month!

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Check Out The Whole Story Of This Couple’s Wedding Contract Of ‘One Pizza A Month’:

What Is The Story Behind ‘One Pizza A Month’ Wedding Contract Clause?

Most of the weddings these days have fun wedding contracts drawn up by friends for the couple. However, this one grabbed the attention of social media users largely because of one item that topped the list of conditions – ‘one pizza a month’. If you are as intrigued as we were to find out the whole story behind this wedding contract clause then here, we go.

Apparently, the bride Shanti Prasad is crazy about pizzas! In fact, on her first date with Mintu Rai, who she met at her commerce class in college, she insisted on having pizza. However, on all the subsequent dates that followed, Shanti insisted on having pizza every single time. Though Mintu liked having pizza once a while, this was stretching it a bit too far for him which is why he complained to his friends about her pizza craze. This then became a standing joke amongst the friends and the rest is history!

one-pizza-a-month-wedding-contract The Wedding Contract That Went Viral On Social Media

During their wedding, the couple’s friends drew up a fun wedding contract with eight terms and conditions.  The contract was to be signed by Shanti which pointed out that they could have only one pizza a month! Other conditions went on as – Mintu must cook breakfast on Sundays; he must take her shopping every 15 days and cannot go to late-night parties without Shanti, and so on.


However, the bride states, “We’ve already had pizzas twice since the wedding and it’s only been two weeks”.

The couple posted the video of them signing this fun wedding contract and it quickly went viral amassing more than 47 million watches on Instagram. Take a look at the video –


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