Whenever we think of a Maharashtrian bride, our first goes to the song ‘Apsara Aali’. The celestial looks of a Marathi bride always tends to unfailingly bewitch us. If you ask us what adds to their grace, we will tell you it is the gorgeous Maharashtrian jewellery. To nail the signature Maharashtrian bridal look, the Maharashtrian jewellery designs play a key role. And here we have some of the most traditional Maharashtrian jewellery designs for brides-to-be.

Bookmark These Maharashtrian Jewellery Designs That Will Make You Look Like A Quintessential Maharashtrian Bride:

Necklace Patterns In Maharashtrian Jewellery Design

Lakshmi Haar

Just as the name suggests, Lakshmi haar is actually the coin harams but are the longer version of it. All the coins in the Lakshmi haar have embossed motifs of goddess Lakshmi. This necklace holds a high value as it signifies wealth and prosperity of the family. In fact, this is the reason why, most brides-to-be are gifted with the Lakshmi haar on the wedding day as it signifies that the bride brings home prosperity.

30+ Maharashtrian Jewellery Designs For Brides To Be

Bakuli Haar

Bakuli Haar is yet another top favorites amongst the Maharashtrian jewellery designs. This lengthy necklace comes with 2 or 3 layers of strings. These layers are made of small flowers which signifies that something new is about to blossom. It looks extremely stunning and unique.

30+ Maharashtrian Jewellery Designs For Brides To Be


Thushi is a traditional Maharashtrian choker that is designed to fit snugly around the neck. It is made of small golden beads that are interwoven into each other and held together by an adjustable thread at the back. The adjustable dori lets you wear this neckpiece loose or tight, depending on how you want to style it. This is one of the most popular Maharashtrian jewelleries and is preferred to be worn for almost every occasion or festival.

30+ Maharashtrian Jewellery Designs For Brides To Be

Tanmani / Chinchpeti

Tanmani and Chinchpeti are the Maharashtrian jewellery that are made of pearls. Chinchpeti is usually the short necklace which is worn as a choker. While Tanmani is the long necklace with multistrands of pearls and a statement gemstone encrusted pendant in the center. This pendant mostly comes in pink or red stones, but nowadays also comes in Navratna or green stones. Both Chichpeti and Tanmani are often worn together in a layering styling. Tanmani comes with an adjustable dori at the back allowing you to wear it at the length of your choice.

Image Source: Pawan Shinde Photography

30+ Maharashtrian Jewellery Designs For Brides To Be 30+ Maharashtrian Jewellery Designs For Brides To Be

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Mohan Maal

Mohan maal is yet another beautiful Maharashtrian jewellery that adds up to a stunning Marathi bridal look. It is a multi-layered necklace made of small round golden beads. The layers can vary from 2 to 8 strings and looks luxurious. It usually has side or center pendants which are embellished with various designs. It comes in various lengths and can be used for layering with other necklaces or multiple lengths of mohal maal itself. Multi-layered mohan maal are very commonly used by women for a richer, bolder look.

Image Source: Sahil Thakkar Photography

30+ Maharashtrian Jewellery Designs For Brides To BeKolhapuri Saaj

Just as the name suggests, this necklace originates from the Kolhapur region in Maharashtra. The Kolhapuri saaj is a piece of Maharashtrian jewellery that is usually gifted by the groom’s family to the bride. Saaj in marathi mean leaves. The necklace is made if ‘jav mani’ (golden beads) along with 21 saaj that is leaf-shaped pendants woven together with a gold string.

The 10 leaves of these 21 depict the 10 avatars of Lord Vishnu (Dashavatar), 2 leaves are made of ruby and emerald stones. While 8 of the leaves represent Ashtamangal (Ashta means 8 while mangal means good). And lastly, the one remaining leaf/pendant stands as a taviz which is known to stir away evil eye. The Kalhapuri saaj is almost considered as a symbolism of marital status. It comes not only in gold, but nowadays in German silver.

30+ Maharashtrian Jewellery Designs For Brides To Be

Putli Haar

Since the 17th century, the Putli Haar holds a special place in Maharashtrian jewellery. Putli Haar is a necklace with gold coins that has engraved Lakshmi motifs and is woven together in a silk braided Patwa cord.

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Various Types Of Bangles In Maharashtrian Jewellery

Hirva Chooda

Just like across India, chooda is one element that every bride-to-be adorns. However, when it comes to the Maharashtrian brides, they wear hirva (green) chooda for the wedding. These green bangles are glass bangles which represents new life or birth. They are mostly mixed with gold bangles to make a proper chooda. The gold and green chooda together are worn with green bangles being in odd numbers as it symbolizes blessing of fertility for the bride-to-be.

30+ Maharashtrian Jewellery Designs For Brides To Be


Patlya are usually the regular wear gold bangles that most Maharashtrian women prefer. These are made in 22k gold and have a specific design. Mostly flat and plain with engraved designs on it. These are usually paired with glass bangles and are widely used as a traditional Maharashtrian jewellery for the brides-to-be. The plain and structured design of these bangles are considered versatile, sturdy and easy to maintain, thus making them highly preferred for every day use.

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Pichodi are the type of bangles that usually complete the hirva chooda for every Maharashtrian bride-to-be. These bangles are worn at the end of the green glass bangles to complete the grand chooda set. The design of pichodi bangles consists of a smooth round edge at one side, while a carved triangles on the other. These come in 24k gold and are worn in a set of two on both the wrists.


Tode is one the heavy ranges of bangles that are mostly worn by brides. These thick bangles or kadas hold a very special place in the Maharashtrian jewellery designs. Tode are interlinked without any soldering and have intricate designs that go all around the bangle. These are mostly worn at the start or mid of the traditional hirva chooda worn by brides-to-be.

30+ Maharashtrian Jewellery Designs For Brides To Be Stunning Earrings In Maharashtrian Jewellery Design


Bugadi is a tiny little addition to the ear jewellery. It is worn on the top part of the ear (upper curve of the helix) where Maharashtrian women usually get their piercing done. Bugadi is a delicate piece of ear jewellery that is encrusted with vibrant gemstones and pearl drop hangings. It signifies good luck and prosperity along with the ability to differentiate between the right and the wrong. Initially worn in gold, nowadays, bugadi also comes in oxidised silver and is also worn as a fashion statement.

30+ Maharashtrian Jewellery Designs For Brides To Be


Kudya are the most traditional Maharashtrian earring design. Beautifully designed with pearls and rubies, these are big ear studs that add grandeur to the Maharashtrian bridal look. Kudya are also known as Kudi locally and are available in other variety and designs in gold and diamonds. These ear studs are highly versatile and can be worn on various occasions apart from wedding.


Kaan is an ear cuff which can instantly jazz up your ear. In fact, kaan is a marathi word for ear and that’s just what it helps to ornate. These cuffs are studded with pearls, kundan, stones and sometimes are all gold with enamel work. Kaan is a striking piece of Maharashtrian jewellery donned by women during festivals too.

30+ Maharashtrian Jewellery Designs For Brides To Be

Other Accessories That Complete The Maharashtrian Jewellery Design Ideas

Brahmani Nath

The Maharashtrian nath or nose ring is quite famous! Unlike the usual pin or ring-shaped nose pin, this one is shaped like a bow. This simple Maharashtrian jewellery is enough to elevate a bride’s look from plain to fabulous. These brahmani nath are usually the ones made with pearls, rubies or emeralds. They came in various shapes and sizes and was previously used to indicate the family’s wealth. There are many who get the brahmani nath made in real gold with pure pearls and diamonds.

30+ Maharashtrian Jewellery Designs For Brides To Be

Image Source: Neel Chavan

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Bajuband Or Vaaki

Bajubandh or vaaki are the armlets that are usually worn by brides. Traditionally, it was worn on both the arms but now with changing times, many brides wear it on only one arm as a fashion statement. The vaaki are usually adjustable with hoops and rings at the back or are bangle-like design with can be pressed on all sides and adjusted as per the arm’s width. These are embedded with rubies, gemstones and pearls.

30+ Maharashtrian Jewellery Designs For Brides To Be

Ambada Phool

The iconic Maharashtrian jewellery is the ambada phool. This is a crescent-shaped Maharashtrian bun pin that is places on top of a bridal bun. When worn at the top of the bun, it gives a tiny crown-like look from the front. It is also adorned with richly-hued glass enamel that adds a pop of color. The crescent bun pin accentuates the bun and looks stunning.

30+ Maharashtrian Jewellery Designs For Brides To Be
Image Source: Virendra Mandi
30+ Maharashtrian Jewellery Designs For Brides To Be
Image Source: Rahul N You


Jodvi are a pair of silver toe rings that are worn by brides on their wedding day and thereon every day. It is a significance of a woman’s marital status. Jodvi is usually gifted to the bride by the mother of the groom, and symbolizes her entry into a new family.

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Vaati Mangalsutra

An absolute essential in every bridal ensemble is the mangalsutras. When it comes to Maharashtrian jewelelry deisgns, the mangalsutras pattern is slightly different. Instead of a pendant, the Maharashtrian vaati mangalsutras consists of two tiny vaatis (bowls). These two vaatis are strung with gold string and black beads and is considered as a pendant. These two vaatis signify Shiva and Shakti while the golden beads on the sides symbolizes husband and wife. While the black beads are to keep the evil eye away from the happy married life.


Painjan are anklets which mostly in silver when it comes to Maharashtrian jewellery design. These have multiple tiny ghungroos and are also embellished with intricate designs made from enamel and Meenakari.

30+ Maharashtrian Jewellery Designs For Brides To Be

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