Wedding rings are an eternal symbol of love for couples throughout their bond. Not only is it a marker of their commitment to their relationship but it is usually also a reminder of one of the most wonderful days of their lives.

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While many couples opt for plain gold, silver or platinum wedding bands, some others prefer to customize them to add an extra layer of special feeling to the rings. For some couples, customization is a nice way to make their wedding bands look different from the norm. If you are curious to know what some personalization options are for your wedding band, we are going to take you through them in the article below!

8 Unique Ideas To Personalize Your Wedding Rings

 Engrave Them With Special Dates

Wedding ring inscriptions have been a trend for years now. In fact, the history of engraving wedding rings goes all the way back to the middle ages. Medieval wedding rings were inscribed with poetry and romantic lines of text.

Modern wedding rings are not too far from that. The only difference is that the range of inscription options and the neatness of the inscription are much better. Couples can have their rings engraved with a date, line, word or number that might be significant to them. Some partners even choose to inscribe lyrics that begin on one band and end on the other.

The beauty of an engraved wedding ring lies in its subtle secrecy. Most couples choose to have the inscription on the inside, meaning that the little message is something that only you and your partner and privy to. Romance at its finest? Definitely.

Add Gemstones On (Or In) Them

We mean it when we say that there are no rules when it comes to personalized wedding rings! Who said you have to have a plain band for it to count as a wedding ring? Gemstones on the wedding ring are a great way to customize them. You could opt for gemstones that match your aesthetic choices or even go for ones that have personal meaning (such as each other’s birthstones).

And if you would like to be a little more discreet? Set the gem on the inside of your wedding ring to create a moment of intimacy within your special accessory.

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Select An Alternative Metal Finish For Your Chosen Wedding Band


If you are not a fan of a plain shiny metal ring, then this one pointer that you will enjoy. Today’s jewelers offer various finishes for wedding rings. Depending on the style you prefer, they can fashion you rings that have a pebbled, matte, hammered, satin, sandblasted, polished, wire-brushed, soft-brushed or florentine finish. Pick one that matches your couple’s style and own a pair of unique-looking wedding rings.

Have Your Electrocardiograph Engraved

Two hearts coming together as one, that is what weddings are all about. And what better way to echo that exact sentiment than having your electrocardiograph inscribed on your wedding ring?

The process usually begins with getting your heartbeat recorded. This recorded heartbeat is then visualized on your wedding band through an engraving and voila, you get to carry your lover’s heart wherever you go.

Engrave The Outside Of Your Wedding Ring

While traditional engraving is usually placed inside the ring, getting an external inscription done is also a way to show off your love. Since it is on the outside, you do not have to be restricted by numbers or letters. You can give your ring patterns like we have seen with the scroll ones on vintage rings. Or you could pick a floral one for a couple who loves nature or sleek lines for a couple who enjoys minimalism. The choices are endless and the design choices are yours!

Engrave It With Short Sentiments

Express the sentiment of your love through inscriptions that carry meaning. As long as is not overly wordy, you can write almost anything on your wedding ring. This could range from special nicknames, the name of your pet, the lyric of your favorite song, the name of the restaurant you first met at and much much more!

Engrave A Message In Your Native Tongue

Take your inscription up a notch and have it engraved in your native tongue. Having a wedding ring engraved in a language that is special to your relationship adds a new layer of warmth to your marriage.

Engrave Each Other’s Fingerprints

We all know that every person’s fingerprint is a completely unique mark of identification. Now imagine having the version that belongs to the love of your life, engraved on your wedding band forever. Sounds like a dream, right?

Thanks to modern technology, this dream is now a reality. Bring your favorite person’s fingerprint wherever you go by getting it etched onto your wedding ring. You could even consider engraving a part of their fingerprint along with a lyric, a number or a date that holds significance for the two of you.

To conclude this article, all we have to say is to have fun when figuring out how to customize your wedding rings. Do not be frazzled by the wide range of personalization options available to you and choose an option that seems the most authentic to you and your partner. And if you feel confused or unsure of what to do, the simplest, most honest thing to do is to follow your heart.

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