Wedding sign boards are one of the quirky additions to wedding decor these days. Gone are the days when decor was just about flowers and drapes. Wedding sign boards have been in trend for a while now and you might want to try out some new wedding sign boards ideas for your wedding. In fact, the best part of using wedding sign boards is that you can customize them as you want, with quotes and words that you like. This gives the weddings a unique touch also making them a fun element to be remembered by your guests.

So, We Bring You Some New Ideas Of Wedding Sign Boards That You Can Try In Your Decor:

Welcome Wedding Sign Boards

What better way to include wedding sign boards than to welcome your guests with them? There are some really pretty quotes and styles that you can use as your welcome wedding signboard. You can customize them with just a short welcome note, or make them more personalized so that your guests will instantly connect with your warm feelings.

Image Source: Weddings By Colorblind

Wedding Decor Wedding Decor

Image Source: Minted Weddings
Wedding Decor
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Some Romantic And Cheesy Wedding Sign Board Ideas

Nothing beats the cute mushy romantic signboards! Either it is something that the couple relates to, or have in common. Or it could be a fancy quote or lyrics from your favorite movie. From emotionally driven messages written on sign board to something funny and witty, there are so many options to try out. Bookmark your favorites right away!

Sign Board Ideas
Image Source: The Wedding Designers

Sign Board Ideas Sign Board Ideas

Sign Board Ideas
Image Source: The A3 Project

Make Your Wedding Sign Boards Quirky And Witty

Add a dash of quirkiness with witty captions on the sign boards as they add that hilarious element to your celebration. These could either have funny quotes, rules or things to do while at the wedding. These are sure to tickle the funny bone in your guests as well as make a picture-worthy capture.

Image Source: Pink Palki
Sign Board Ideas
Image Source: Purple Tree Events
Image Source: Aspen Avenue Events

Sign Board Ideas

Sign Board Ideas
Image Source: Pink Palki

Bar & Party Sign Board Ideas

Quirky and funny bar and party boards are the highlight of fun wedding décor. This growing trend is sure to urge your guests to have fun and at-ease time at your wedding. From personalized bar menus to a funny invitation to the dancefloor, these wedding sign boards make up the vibe upbeat and enjoyable.

Wedding Sign Boards
Image Source: Dreamzkraft
Image Source: The Roaming Caravan Co.

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Chalkboards For Wedding Decor

The old-school and classic chalkboards are back to amp up your wedding decor! This cute style of putting up an unconventional chalkboard is a perfect option for a sustainable wedding. They sure are worth trying out and will most certainly add charm to an outdoor wedding.

Wedding Sign Boards Wedding Sign Boards

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Heart Warming Sign Boards Gesture For The Guests

Touch a heart’s cord by putting up something so surreal and heart-warming that your guests remember it for a lifetime! There are so many amazing ideas that include your guests to bless you in fun yet emotional ways. Here are some examples –

Image Source: Ātisuto Events
Image Source: Joshua Zuckerman Photography

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