Organizing the wedding of your dreams is not an easy task. To guarantee the success of the celebration, you need to make the right choice of wedding professionals who, in fact, will create a wedding for you. And one of the key figures here is the photographer. Today we will give you some tips on how to choose a wedding photographer in Chennai.

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Most likely, the check “find a photographer” in your wedding list is among the very first and most important. And it is fair enough. And so that you know exactly what you should pay attention to when choosing a wedding photographer, we offer you some hints.

An experience and price

wedding photographer in chennaiWedding photography is a completely separate and completely independent genre of photography. And it is very, very specific. So it is not enough to be able to handle a camera and have some photo processing skills. The main feature of a good wedding photographer is the ability to capture important emotional moments. An experienced wedding photographer will not miss a single significant moment of your wedding, not a single emotion — he does not just take pictures, he creates wonderful memories. His photos will reflect your wedding exactly the way you want to remember it. 

But experience usually costs more. So, do not try to save here. Wedding photographers usually indicate prices per hour with a minimum amount of time that can be booked. Usually, you can’t hire a professional for less than 2 hours.

People who have only recently completed photography courses offer a very attractive price. But you run the risk of getting photos similar to those taken with a smartphone or an ordinary amateur camera. If it is important to save the budget, it is better, in this case, to give the camera to one of your friends and relatives. Probably these people will not shoot a masterpiece, but you will feel more at ease with them than with an unfamiliar person who first got to the wedding.

Personal impression

wedding photographer in chennaiA personal meeting with the photographer is essential. You need to get to know each other at least a little and understand if this person suits you, to get his style of work, whether he understands you and your desires well. When you’re planning a wedding abroad, meeting a photographer may seem like a daunting and costly task, but it really is not, because you have video chats! It doesn’t matter if you meet in person or online — make sure the photographer understands your desires and your taste. And yes, mutual sympathy is also very important.


wedding photographer in chennaiOf course, before you make a decision, you need to understand the style of the photographer. Look at his works in the portfolio, examine the weddings he shot. Think about it, do you personally like it? Does this style match your wedding theme? And most importantly: do you want your wedding to look exactly like in these photos? Of course, the work itself speaks of skill. Professionalism can also be judged by the ability of a photographer to work in adverse conditions. For example, if his albums have shots in the rain, in complete darkness, in bright light and they are really cool, you can be sure that this wedding photographer knows how to do his job.

Speaking language

Differently-speaking people live in Chennai, and here you can hear all the languages spoken in India. People from all states of India come and live here. Most commonly you can hear Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi and Kannada. In Chennai, most people speak a special variant of Tamil. Of course, most people speak some English.

So, at your wedding you are planning to gather people speaking different languages, choosing a photographer that can find a common ground with all of them is a good idea. 

If you don’t want to have communication problems, you can check what languages the photograph speaks in advance. Most of the professionals speak English and Tamil. If it is important for you that the photographer could understand another language or a few languages, check it in his or her profile on

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Keeping in touch

The organization of your wedding will last several months, and during this time many details will change. But the photographer must be aware of all these changes – in the wedding theme and concept, changes in the timings, etc.  

To avoid any incidents, be sure to tell him in what style the wedding will take place, where you will celebrate it and where you plan to do the photoshoot. Then the photographer will be able to study the area in advance and find interesting locations for photos. You can also ask him to give recommendations on choosing a place to take some beautiful photos. Perhaps he has more interesting suggestions. Make sure the photographer stays in touch and gets all updates. 

These are the most important points. Perhaps these tips will help future newlyweds choose the perfect photographer for their celebration. After all, many of them are waiting for photos from the wedding day no less than the wedding itself.

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