Couple photos hold a very special place in your wedding album and they have their own charm. Whether candid or plandid, couple portraits always make our heart skip a beat. We’ve handpicked some of the most beautiful and aww-dorable couple portraits that will surely put a smile on your face. These latest and trending couple shots will make you fall in love with them because they are so full of life and happiness.

Scroll Down Below To Check Out These Couple Photos That We Think Are Perfect For The Wedding Album:

1. Some Candid Couple Portraits We Are Completely In Awe Of

These couple pictures where the moments captured are absolutely priceless are our favorite. It will be such an emotional moment to look at them afterwards. Don’t you think so too? These images are beautifully captured and there is no doubt in it.

Couple Photos

Image Source: Mad Venture By JM

candid couple photography

Image Source: Kalakaari Films

couple picture ideas

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2. Some Meaningful Moments Captured

Nothing is sweeter than catching some very meaningful moments of couples. These gorgeous photos certainly reflect a lot of love that they share. Aren’t these pictures so captivating? Check them out for some much-needed inspiration.

couple portrait trends

Image Source: Amrit Photography

couple photos

Image Source: House On The Clouds

latest couple pictures

couple wedding photography

Image Source: Delhi Velvet

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3. Couple Photos That Are To Be Framed Right Away

There’s no doubt that the best pictures are those where you look like you’re having a lot of fun. It’s lovely to look back at that moment and be reminded of all the sweet memories. These photographs are sure to do so.

cordinated couple outfits

Image Source: Aashish Photography

couple portraits

couple wedding pictures

Image Source: Ramit Batra

candid couple photography

Image Source: Colorblind Productions

Bookmark these beautiful bridal photos for your bridal portrait inspiration.

How about these haldi portraits that we think are literally the best.

haldi couple pictures

Image Source: Shutterdown

couple photos

Image Source: Hitched And Clicked

haldi couple pictures

4. The Picture Perfect Moments

These adorable couple portraits with genuine smiles and laughter are great inspirational pictures. It is surely one of those precious moments that you’ll cherish forever. Couple portraits are always a treat to behold and these couples surely spoiled us.

latest couple pictures

couple photos

Image Source: Dipak Studios

wedding photography

Image Source: Picsurely

wedding photography ideas

Image Source: Varsola Visuals

candid couple photography

couple photo ideas

Absolutely head over heels in love with this one.

latest couple pictures

Watching these beautiful portraits just melted our hearts. These adorable moments will forever make you and your significant other reminisce about your wedding day. 

couple wedding photography

Image Source: Shutterdown

couple pictures

Check out these recreations of Bollywood poses by real couples.

For some Bollywood-like feelings, these couples got some really amazing pictures and we are in awe of them.

couple candid photography

Image Source: The Wedding Files

couple pictures

Image Source: Seven Mantra Films

Save these gorgeous couple wedding pictures for your big day and we are sure yours will be no less. We hope these were of great inspiration to you. Just point your photographer to the right direction and have some beautiful memories forever.

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