While we have already started with the wedding prep for 2022 weddings, we are here to provide you with the list of best marriage dates for 2023. We know how we Indians usually seek the advice of a Pandit before finalizing the wedding dates. So, before you begin your wedding planning shenanigans, take note of these auspicious wedding dates that will help you plan easily.

Scroll Down Below For The Best And Auspicious Hindu Marriage Dates For 2023 –

1. Wedding Dates In January

Let’s see what the first month of the year 2023  has for us. For those who have always wanted to get married in chilly winters.

15th January – Sunday

18th January – Wednesday

25th January – Wednesday

26th January – Thursday

27th January – Friday

30th January – Monday

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Marriage Dates For 2023

Image Source: Gautam Khullar

2. Hindu Marriage Dates In February

Well, who doesn’t want to get married in the most lovey-dovey month of the year? February actually has pleasant weather too.

6th February – Monday

7th February – Tuesday

9th February – Thursday

10th February – Friday

12th February – Sunday

13th February – Monday

14th February – Tuesday

16th February – Thursday

22nd February – Wednesday

23rd February – Thursday

27th February – Tuesday

28th February – Thursday

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3. Marriage Dates For 2023 In March

Beautiful weather usually awaits us in March and we think it’s just the perfect time of the year to get married. 

6th March – Monday

9th March – Thursday

11th March – Saturday

13th March – Monday

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4. Wedding Dates In April For 2023

Time to relax and plan for the wedding season ahead of you.

Hindu wedding dates

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5. Auspicious Dates For Hindu Marriage In May

May is usually the most packed year when it comes to auspicious wedding dates. So start prepping already.

3rd May – Wednesday

6th May – Saturday

8th May – Monday

9th May – Tuesday

10th May – Wednesday        

11th May – Thursday

15th May – Monday

16th May – Tuesday

20th May – Saturday

21st May – Sunday

22nd May – Monday

29th May – Monday

30th May – Tuesday

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6. June Wedding Dates In 2023

Since it is the most humid season, we advise you to plan somewhere with good weather and since most people have their holidays in June, it is the perfect month.

1st June – Thursday

3rd June – Saturday

5th June – Monday

6th June – Tuesday

7th June – Wednesday

11th June – Sunday

12th June – Monday

23rd June – Friday

26th June – Monday

7. No Dates Available For July, August, September And October

Take this time to prep and make sure you have a kickass celebration in the coming months.

hindu wedding dates 2023

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8. Best Wedding Dates In November

November, again brings the festive and wedding season and it is literally everyone’s favorite time of the year. The winter wedding season begins here.

23rd November – Thursday

27th November – Monday

28th November – Tuesday

29th November – Wednesday

9. Auspicious Wedding Dates In December

Plan your December weddings with these auspicious dates and it’s going to be an amazing affair.

6th December – Wednesday

7th December – Thursday

9th December – Saturday

15th December – Friday

couple wedding dates

Now that we’ve sorted out all the wedding dates in 2023 for you, start planning your dream wedding. 

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