Take the stress out of wedding planning with this step-by-step guide to choosing, ordering and sending out perfect wedding invitation.

When you begin planning your wedding, the invitations are usually second on your to-do list only to choosing the perfect date and location. So, choosing the right invitation for your event can seem like a pretty daunting task. Of course, the job of any wedding invitation is to announce your big day while providing the basic who, what, where, and when. But you can also use your invitations to offer guests a lot of other information, like requested attire, and convey the feeling of your wedding, especially if you’re planning to focus on a specific theme. Experts from EssayWriterFree emphasize that choosing the right invitation, wording it, addressing it, and sending it may seem like an impossible job, but these handy tips will help make sending out the perfect wedding invitation a piece of cake.

When should you order wedding invitations?

Once you have a final guest list, plan to order your invitations right away. Visit a good stationer who can help you choose the right look. They have hundreds of styles available, in a wide price range. If you’re not sure where to begin, work with your wedding consultant. Many consultants offer services that include all the necessary stationery, like invitations, reply cards, thank you notes, and even calligraphers. Or, you can choose from a myriad of invitations from online stationers. These online sources can be less expensive and offer the option for you to do your own printing. But, no matter what your source, be sure to order extra invitations in case you need to add a guest at the last minute. And remember, invitations can take up to three months to print, so order early!

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How should your perfect wedding invitation look?

You want your guests to know what to expect when they arrive at your wedding. Little surprises are nice, but you wouldn’t want your guests showing up to your formal affair wearing jeans, right? Content creators from WriteMyEssayCheap add that it’s important that you choose and word your invitation in a style that reflects the type of event you are planning. If your wedding will be a formal affair at a fancy hotel, choose a classic invitation and specify black tie at the bottom. If you’re planning a beachside barbecue, choose something colorful and fun and ask your guests to come dressed in casual resort attire. Just make sure the invitation matches the event – the goal is to create an invitation that reflects your style but also captures the feeling of the day.

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How should you word your invitation?

Think of your invitation as a tool for your guests. Most guests will keep the invitation and carry it with them to the wedding, so you’ll want to provide them with plenty of information without overwhelming them. The essential elements include the names of the wedding host or sponsor (usually the parents), the names of the bride and groom, the day of the week, date, time, and address of the ceremony and/or reception sites. Enclosures are not required, although response cards and map cards are very convenient. But, keep it simple and choose only what makes sense. Tip: if you want to get an RSVP, make sure you include an addressed and stamped return envelope with your response cards, which makes sending a reply easy for guests.

What’s the deal with calligraphy?

Although calligraphy is not required, it does add sophistication and most formal wedding invitations usually demand it. However, calligraphy can be expensive and many couples make the mistake of using printed labels to address their invitations. For example, EssayWritingService says that wedding invitations should always be hand addressed with a quality ink pen. No one will shudder if you don’t hire a pro, but if your penmanship lacks luster or is difficult to read, enlist a bridesmaid or family member to help.

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When do I mail my invitations?

Ideally, your invitations should be mailed six to eight weeks before the wedding, which will give your guests plenty of time to RSVP, save the date and make any necessary travel arrangements. Be sure to specify your RSVP deadline on the reply cards. Two weeks before the big day is standard, but give yourself three weeks if you can. Another critical step is to take a complete invitation package to your local post office to have it weighed for the correct postage. Don’t make the mistake of judging the postage on your own. Many brides have sent out beautiful invitations, only to have them returned for lack of correct postage.

While choosing, addressing and mailing your invitations is a very important job, you can handle it with no problem. Just stick to the tips above and your wedding invitations will be perfect. Just like the big day you’re dreaming of.

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