Many events occur in our life that are unforgettable and wedding moments are one of those But with similar traditions being followed for a long time, these moments do not seem unique. To make the marriage and its moments unique, these are the different things one can try to make it more special.

For this, not much effort is required but still these wedding moments can  make your marriage different and special:

1. Enraptured Entrance – 

Entry towards the ceremony is a concept that is long when all the guests have eyes on the entry gate when the bride enters. These can be twisted with some unique idea of showering the flowers, fireworks, smoke bombs, or palki rides. Different things can be done to make it different from others. If the bride or groom enters with a flower shower or smoke bombs, it will have an amazing effect. Even performing when the bride or groom enters will make their day special. 

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2. A Unique Ring For Wedding – 

The center of attraction after couples is the engagement/wedding ring. The engagement/wedding rings which are being considered for long are the diamond ring or gold one. But to add the excitement one can choose a unique ring which is different from all the usual boring rings. One can choose a wedding ring with black diamond. These diamonds are rare to find, which makes them more precious than colorless diamonds. This black diamond will make the wedding ring stand out from other diamond rings. It is much cheaper as compared to a colorless diamond. 

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3. Decor

In most ceremonies, the décor is usual and has been used for a long with minor changes. Décor with seating arrangement in the rows or columns form are used widely. One can change the seating arrangement with a semicircle around the Mandap or group form in a small circle with a table in the center. The color used for the decoration of Mandap is bright colors like red. It can be changed to light golden or any other color which soothes the eyes. This will give a different feel to the marriage. 

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4.  Booths For Photos

In marriages, everyone looks best, and one thing done by almost everyone is taking photographs. For these guests and even couples, photographers keep on searching for the best location. A section of photos could be created with a beautiful prop. This will make everyone take the best of their pictures using these props. These props will make the photographic moments more fun, adding a statement to their fashion. 

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DIY photobooth ideas to try at your wedding.

5. Onboard The Love Story 

For every couple, there are some special moments that they want to share with their loved ones. So this is the best moment to tell everyone about their love story. There are different ways to tell their stories, like reading aloud, writing on the chalkboard, etc. It depends on the couple making their love story more creative and enjoying those moments again on their special day. 

6. Wedding Dress 

The colors commonly used for a wedding dress are bright colors or a combination of bright and golden or silver colors. For this, one can choose the color which soothes the eyes with beautiful embroidery on it. If one has good embroidery on a color that soothes the eyes, both couples are wearing it in combination. The couples can also prepare their wedding dress in a sink with the décor. This way, the décor will complement the couples, so it will make one look more appealing. 

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7. Messages For Couples 

Those who come for the marriage wish good things for the new couples and want their best. These heartfelt wishes can be recorded in the message book, chart, board, or even wish tree. There are ribbons or papers attached with the messages of guests who attend the ceremony on a tree. In the ceremony, some arrangements could be made for the guest to write their wishes. This is the best way for the guest to express their feelings for the newlywed couples. Whenever the couples read these messages, they will take them to their wedding memories. 

8. Request For Songs

Music is the heart of any ceremony, and if music is played as per guests’ taste, it will make them enjoy it the most. In every ceremony the music is played but as per the liking of few people or DJ. A request box can be placed to write their favorite song or the song they want to play for the couple. It will be an amazing feeling for the couples to hear their guest or loved one’s favorite songs, especially favorites that guests dedicate to them on their special day. 

Just small efforts will create a big difference in creating the memories and making their special day unique. If special efforts are put into this, it will increase the enthusiasm of the marriage among the newlywed couple and guests.

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