If you’re a newlywed bride about to keep her first Karva Chauth fast, then you’ll surely relate to this article. Karva Chauth is an age-old ritual where every married woman keeps a fast from sunrise to moonrise. It is believed that women fast and pray for their husband’s long life. The challenging aspect of this fast is that you cannot eat or drink anything until the moonrise. And boy, does that tests your patience! There are definitely many emotions that run through a newlywed bride’s mind. And we’re spilling all the beans.

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First Karva Chauth thoughts

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Do You Relate To Having These Thoughts On Your First Karva Chauth?

1. The Shopping Anxiety

Well, of course, since it’s your first Karva Chauth, your anxiety is all over the place. And we all know that Karva Chauth isn’t just about keeping the fast. Getting ready and having all the necessary puja ingredients is also equally important. It’s like wedding planning all over again. From getting the mehendi done to finalizing the right outfit. It’s a whole different ball game, altogether. 

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2. What? Paani bhi ni pee sakte?

We know ladies, we know! No matter how many times we’ve seen our mothers pull it off like pros, it doesn’t get easier. I mean not eating anything for a whole day is a task in itself and you can’t even have a glass of water. Husbands, beware!

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3. Googling Moonrise Timings

Do you know that order that you desperately wait for but takes forever to come? Waiting for the moonrise on Karva Chauth is similar. All our foodie brides are already googling the moonrise timings in their areas to calculate just how long they will have to stay hungry. But don’t count on Google ladies, trust us, it’s never precise!

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4. Grumpy Mood Swings

Ladies, if your husband cracks a joke at your expense on Karva Chauth, you have the right to bang his head against the wall. And ask him if that was funny? But in all seriousness, going cold turkey on a day without eating food or drinking water can take a toll on your mood. So, warn your comical husbands to keep their jokes at bay for the day. 

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5. Calling Your Mom

Everyone’s go-to problem solver, Mom, comes to the rescue when everything fails. You’re definitely talking to her the whole day to make sure you’re doing it right. And taking tips to not mess it up in any other way. After all, Maa sab jaanti hai!

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At last, we’d like to tell you that this is a wonderful experience of your married life. And it really goes on to show your dedication and love for your significant other. Many husbands like to accompany their partners in keeping the fast. Kudos to you!

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