Mostly Bengali beauties are spotted in Banarasi sarees and these gorgeous Bengali bridal saree designs are to be saved right away. Right from their unique makeup look to their attire, everything about them defines grace. Don’t you think so too? Bengali bridal sarees are timeless and authentic outfits for an on point bridal look and we adore their beauty way too much. Loving how Bengali brides are winning our hearts with their ethereal look.

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Trending Bengali Bridal Saree Designs For A Surreal Bridal Look

For a very distinctive look to your wedding, these bridal sarees are a must pick.

1. Bengali Bridal Saree Colors That We Completely Adore

Completely stunned by this bride’s offbeat saree draping idea and we are truly taking major inspiration from her.

Bengali Bridal Saree Designs

Image Source: Qpid Event Photography

How about this beauty who looked drop dead gorgeous in a pink saree and the gold jewellery was the perfect match for it.

bengali bridal sarees

Image Source: The Wedding Canvas

How Bengali brides are the new trendsetter in weddings.

And we are in awe of this sea green saree that Bengali bride adorned and rocked her look.

bengali bridal attires

Image Source: Qpid Event

2. The Very Classic Red And White Bengali Bride Saree Designs

The famous Lal-Par saree is a patent for Bengali brides and this one totally looked stunning in it. Don’t you think so too?

classic Bengali wedding saree

Image Source: The Wedding Canvas

Save this ultimate list of wedding essentials for Bengali brides.

Well, this one is giving us major Bong feels and we are loving how she kept her look so simple yet elegant.

Bengali Bridal Saree Designs

Image Source: Stuti Sharma

A traditional Bengali bride adorns this white and red saree on her big day and looks impeccable and she is full proof of it.

red and white bengali saree

Image Source: Sayanti Ghosh Designer Studio

In case you are looking for topor designs for Bengali bridal looks. 

Bengali Bridal Sarees For Your Splendid Bridal Look

While Bengali bridal looks are already so fascinating, these gorgeous saree attires are to die for.

Bridal Makeup Artists

3. Bengali Bridal Sarees With Dupattas Taking Our Breath Away

This one in a narangi Banarasi saree with a Topor and a net dupatta totally made our heart skip a beat.

bridal saree colors

Image Source: Dhruba Roy Photography

Admiring this one who is giving us all the royal and regal bridal feels and her Bengali bridal look is surely a head-turner.

bengali bridal saree with dupatta

Image Source: The House On The Clouds

From the bindi art designs to the extravagant topor, this Bengali beauty is attention-worthy.

Bengali bridal looks

Image Source: Tripti Malhotra

Bengali bindi art designs that we completely adore.

All glammed up in this pretty pink colour, she took our hearts away at the very first sight. Doesn’t she look too good to be ignored?

bridal sarees with dupatta

Image Source: Tani Banerjee

An experimental bride who ditched the red and white saree, instead wore a gorgeous purple saree for her D-day and the beige dupatta was the real show-stealer.

bengali bridal saree colors

Image Source: Sourodip Ghosh

4. Blouse Designs To Pair With Your Bengali Bridal Saree

Not just the red Banarasi saree but the golden fully embroidered blouse is what caught our attention. Saving this bridal look right away.

banarasi saree ideas

Image Source: Reels And Frames

Add that contrast to your bridal look and pair a striking blouse color with your saree just like she did to grab all eyeballs. Don’t miss out on the intricate designing on the blouse sleeve.

bengali bridal blouse designs

Image Source: Karuna Jasmine

Things you will find only at a Bengali wedding.

If you are a fan of minimal bridal looks, this one with such a fresh and subtle look is our favorite.

bengali wedding attires

Image Source: Surjayan Mukherjee

Falling hard for this prettiness whose contrasting green blouse design with the red saree was absolutely the right pick.

bengali bridal blouses

Image Source: Tamajit Das

Well, these brides just raised the bar high with their absolutely stunning Bengali bridal looks and we are all heart for them. These were purely a treat to our eyes and their beauty just cannot be ignored. We have always loved to spot the uniqueness in each bride and these top our list. 

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