If you’d like to know all about Marwari wedding rituals, you’ve come to the right place. The Marwar region is well known as the modern-day Jodhpur city of Rajasthan. Their rich culture, heritage and traditions are an abundant source of history and entertainment. And when it comes to their wedding traditions, Marwari weddings go all out with their delicious foods, vibrant outfits and grandeur. Their elaborate wedding functions are a perfect blend of custom beliefs and fun-filled activities. And we’re here to fill you in with all the details. 

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Read All About The Grand And Lavish Marwari Wedding Rituals & Traditions- 

1. Roka

The pre-wedding ritual kicks off with the roka ceremony where both the families exchange gifts and finalize the wedding plans. Some families perform the ritual amongst themselves at home, while others like to throw grand parties. 

roka ceremony

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2. Byaah Haath

All the ladies of the family come together and sing a song called ‘Mangal geet’. This ritual is performed around 7 to 11 days before the wedding day. The women also prepare homemade sweets consisting of jaggery and lentils called ‘Mangodis’. The married women bless the bride and groom and the wedding festivities begin. 

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3. Bhaat Nyotana

In Marwari traditions, the bride’s mother invites all the maternal relatives to the wedding on an auspicious date that has been decided upon by the priest. The mother of the bride dresses up in a new saree, puts on mehendi and invites the family to be a part of her daughter’s celebration. 

4. Naandi Ganesh Puja

Both the families take the blessings of Lord Ganesha for the bride and groom’s wedding. And they organize a puja followed by a family lunch.

5. Raatri Jaga & Mudda Tikka

An essential part of the Marwari wedding rituals is Raatri Jaga where both the families perform customs to ward off the evil eye. The families hand-paint Om and swastika symbols on the house walls and pray for a hassle-free wedding experience. For the Mudda Tikka tradition, the groom’s family visits the bride’s family to exchange gifts and rings. It is also called the sagai ceremony.

marwari wedding rituals

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6. Mehfil

This tradition is equivalent to the ladies’ sangeet night. All the women of the family come together with the bride to enjoy a night full of dance and music. Similarly, the men come together to celebrate the night with the groom. Both the bride and groom have a night full of celebrations with their gang. 

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7. Marwari Wedding Rituals- Pithi Dastoor

Just like the North Indian haldi ceremony, the Marwaris celebrate Pithi Dastoor ceremony. The bride and groom are laden with sandalwood paste by their family members. The bride is dressed in a yellow outfit for the ceremony. 

haldi or pithi dastoor

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8. Telbaan

After the haldi function, both bride and groom are given a holy bath with mustard oil and curd. And are the fed sweets made of jaggery called ghungra. The bride and groom are then offered shagun by their respective maternal uncles.

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9. Mehendi

The mehendi celebration is similar to all other North Indian wedding functions. However, the groom is also supposed to get mehendi done on his hands in Marwari tradition. 

groom mehendi

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10. Mahira Dastoor

In Marwari traditions, the role of maternal uncle and aunt is very significant. They bless the bride and groom with gifts, clothes and money. The mother of the bride then feeds Mama-Mami a delicious home-cooked meal as a thank you. This signifies that the brother always protects her sister even after her marriage. 

11. Palla Dastoor

This wedding ritual requires the groom’s family to visit the bride’s family. They present the bride with clothes, jewelry and sweets, etc. These are all wrapped beautifully and gifted to the bride in front of all the family members. The bride then wears the clothes and jewelry on her wedding day.

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12. Thamb Puja

A unique element of this Marwari tradition is that the groom’s family priest performs puja at the bride’s house. The prayer is directed towards the pillars of the house so that the families have strong foundations. This marks a strong bond between the two families. 

13. Nikasi 

Once the wedding day arrives, the families perform a Ganesh puja to take the blessings for a blissful wedding. And the groom’s sister ties the sehra on the groom’s head before the baraat. The mare is then fed sweets and decked up once the priest has performed the prayer. 

14. Toran

Once the baraat reaches the bride’s house, the groom has to touch the Toran i.e an arch hanging high up in the air. Once the groom touches the Toran he is allowed to proceed with his entrance. The bride’s mother then welcomes him with sweets and flowers. 

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15. Marwari Wedding Rituals

The wedding ceremony is quite similar to the rest of the country’s where the bride and groom exchange jaimalas and take pheras. Then the bride’s father performs the kanyadaan and then the groom puts sindoor on the bride’s forehead. And lastly, the groom ties the mangalsutra to the bride’s neck.

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16. Aanjhala Bharai

One of the most significant Marwari traditions is the Aanjhala Bharai ceremony. The groom’s father drops a bag of money in the bride’s lap which she has to divide equally amongst her sister-in-law and the groom. This signifies the bride’s financial responsibility towards her family. Basically reflecting that she will be a part of the family’s important decisions as a daughter-in-law. 

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17. Paharavni

Once the wedding traditions are done and dusted, the groom is showered with gifts by the bride’s family. The families then bless the newly married couple for a prosperous life ahead. And the bride performs a puja to pay respects to her father’s home and exits by breaking an earthen lamp by her feet. 

18. Sir Guthhi & Sajjan Goth

After the long wedding day, an elder lady washes her face and combs her hair to freshen her up which is known as sir guthhi. And the bride’s family puts up an elaborate feast for the groom’s family i.e. Sajjan Goth. The male members of the bride’s family serve the dishes to all the guests and everyone is served with a traditional Marwari feast. 

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