Wedding day is a special event for everyone. So there is no wonder that you want the wedding decor color themes to be perfect. From napkin rings up to your dress or reception area, everything should help to celebrate your top happiest day. An appropriately chosen and incorporated color scheme is meant to tie all the decorative elements together and create a cohesive atmosphere and stunning look at the wedding event. So, count your preferences, color meanings, select your best suitable palette and turn your wedding into the best day ever using the subsequent tips and tricks with no hurdles.

Wedding Decor Color Themes And Their Hidden Meanings

Many people believe that colors and their shades have specific meanings and add a certain mood to your wedding day. Even if you don’t share such views, but your future spouse believes that yellow roses at your wedding will ruin your marriage in the nearest future, better agree and opt for other colors and floral accents, unless you want to search for divorce documents shortly after marriage.

Get prepared in advance and learn about wedding colors supposed meanings to avoid ambiguity and negative connotations of your wedding decor and atmosphere:

1. Red Wedding Color Themes for Passion

Red can convey different meanings depending on the local beliefs and traditions. Whether it is passion, love, seduction, or even anger, this is not the color that will leave you indifferent. The research proves that the red color speeds up the heartbeat, so it will be a great option for your wedding to be identified with strong feelings and emotions. Whether you are after burgundy, crimson, or cherry red to be in your wedding palette, you’d better incorporate it in accents, while the background will look well in dark hues, counting dark grey, black or brown, or even shine better with gold additives here and there.

red wedding decor

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2. Pink for Tenderness

A soft and romantic color used to be a symbol of masculinity as a derivative of dominating and passionate red. But these days, it is related to young, pure love, tenderness, and delicacy. When it comes to combinations and shades, rose and blue is the latest wedding trends these days. If you add the colors to your outfits and decorations, they will look live and cute on your ceremony and photos later. You can also combine coral and mint, dusty pink and ivory, light pink and grey.

Pink wedding decor

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3. Blue for Tranquility

Blue is meant to calm down and put people in a meditative mood. It is also believed to be a color of trust, which is closely connected with the well-known tradition for the bride to have something blue for her wedding, meaning fidelity and trustworthiness of the relationships. Still, it is good to be careful in combinations and atmosphere not to make your guests feel sad or get deep in thoughts with the blur of tranquility around. Blue, tie all the ceremony elements will go best with silver hues for a winter theme, while navy and cranberry or light blue and yellow will bring more life and energy to your wedding.

Blue wedding decor

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4. Purple for Nobility and Magic

Rich and dark purple symbolize nobility and power once worn by people of higher status only. Meanwhile, light shades of purple will bring a touch of magic and mystery to your wedding. Purple is one of the top beloved choices for wedding palettes these days. With a variety of gorgeous shades available, this color will go well for weddings in any season. Darker hues fit better winter ceremonies, while light purple will highlight the romance of the summer event. The best combinations are plum and gold, lilac and sage, lavender, and yellow.

Purple wedding decor color themes

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5. Include Orange For Vibrant Wedding Color Themes

This is a life-loving color of youth and energy. It will help to add vibrancy and life-loving touch to your wedding event. Different orange shades will go great for weddings in any season except the winter theme, which will be difficult to incorporate. Combine tangerine and yellow, apricot and sage, orange with cranberry, and yellow. If you are after a bohemian-style wedding, burnt orange, dusty pink, and brown will be a great-fitting palette for your ceremony.

Orange decor theme

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6. Yellow for Joy

As well as orange shades, yellow is associated with positivity and happiness. It also symbolizes the bright imagination and creativity of the couple. Although yellow is a color of summer, it can be used for a wedding ceremony all year round. Gold accents will brighten up winter and autumn events, while canary yellow will suit the best spring and summer occasions. Combine canary yellow and light blue, yellow and coral, yellow and lilac.

Yellow wedding theme

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7. Green for Nature

The green color may have different meanings. Some associate green with rich life and money, while others see green as a symbol of nature and wilderness. On the contrary, green may have negative connotations and may be a synonym for envy and jealousy. Depending on your preferences, you may opt for deep green hues to add a rich touch to your wedding, while nature lovers should opt for a light and bright green palette. Select combinations of emerald and gold, sage green and light pink, olive, and ivory.

green decor for wedding

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Incorporating Colors In Details

Choosing the best suitable color palette is only half a deal. Another half states in incorporating the chosen hues in your wedding decor. Here are some handy ideas for you:

  • Don’t stick to a two-color combination but enhance your palette with four or five shades that go along with the cohesive and bright picture your wedding will make.
  • Choose bright shades for highlights and light colors for the background.
  • Use table linen for backdrop and table runners and napkins for main colors to pop up.
  • Use cutlery for accents: silver, gold, or copper will be great framing for your main hues.
  • Flowers of the chosen palette will play along with your color scheme and add a fresh and live touch to your wedding decor.
  • Play with the outdoor scenery or venue interior and adjust your color decor appropriately.
  • Signature cocktails of the selected palettes will be another color-devoted decor of your event.
  • Design invitations using colored paper or ink of selected shades.
  • Add your theme color details to your attire (main color outfits for bridesmaids, a handkerchief for the groom, bow or jewelry for the bride, ideas are numerous).

Approach the color choice seriously. The selected color palette will determine the atmosphere and mood of your special day, bring in uniqueness, tie all the ceremony elements, and feast together. Pick out the color scheme according to the season of your event, count the hidden meaning of different shades, combine colors that go well together, and pick out colors that appeal to you and your spouse primarily. Always find time to prepare and make the favorable decision to turn your wedding day into a special and satisfying one both for the couple and guests.

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