There are a lot of basic essentials for Maharashtrian brides that complete their wedding trousseau. From their ever-so-stunning traditional saree to their bridal jewellery, a lot goes into achieving that bewitching apsara look. If you’re a soon-to-be Marathi bride, then we’ve prepped up a checklist that you can easily tick off while sorting out your bridal trousseau. And we’ve got a list of all the essential components that complete a Maharashtrian bride’s wedding look. 

Wedding Essentials For Maharashtrian Brides To Complete Their Wedding Trousseau- 

1. Mundavalya

One of the most common elements of a Marathi wedding is the mundavalya and it is worn by both the bride and groom. It is a string (or two) of pearls that is tied horizontally across the forehead. The mundavalya frames the faces with two strings hanging on each side of the face. 

marathi bride mundavalya

Vivek Krishnan Photography

2. Chuda

The Maharashtrian bridal chuda (bangles) are green in color as opposed to the red bangles we see in most Hindu weddings. The glass bangles are green in color that signifies fertility and new beginnings. The bride has to wear them in odd numbers in both hands. The chuda is worn along with gold kadas which are often gifted by the groom’s family.

marathi bridal chuda

Swati Birari

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3. Jewellery Essentials For Maharashtrian Brides- Kolhapuri Saaz

It is a necklace gifted to the bride by the groom’s family. The necklace gets its name from the city of Kolhapur where it originated from. It is a gold necklace with precious stones such as ruby and emerald along with a gold pendant. It is considered as important as a mangalsutra. Many women in rural areas wear it on a daily basis as a sign of them being married. 

essentials for maharashtrian brides

UJS Makeover

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4. Tanmani 

Tanmani is a choker that consists of pearl strings that are white and colorful. This is also a very important element of a Marathi bride’s look. The choker has a resham string that is used to adjust the placement. 

Marathi bridal jewellery

Photizo Studio

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5. Nath

Maharashtrian brides wear the most unique sort of bridal naths for their wedding. It is one of the elements that set them apart from any other bride. The traditional Maharashtrian naths consist of pearls and stones in the center. The most common stones are ruby and emerald, although some brides may opt for diamonds.

marathi bridal nath

Girish Katkar Photography

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6. Vaaki

Vaaki is an armlet that a Marathi bride wears on each arm on their wedding day. Although, nowadays brides mostly wear it on one arm. It is a gold band that one can tie around their arms and also has a single stone in the middle. 

7. Moon Bindi

Most Maharashtrian brides wear a half-moon-shaped bindi as a part of their traditional look. However, we might not see many brides wearing the half-moon bindi. It surely is a beautiful touch to the whole bridal look.

half moon bindi

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8. Ambada 

The bridal hairstyle for Marathi women is called ambada. Most Marathi brides tie their hair in a round bun that is embellished with some jewels and gajras. Some brides even add other floral accessories to enhance their bridal buns. 

marathi bridal bun

MUA Nikita Kale

9. Jodvi

A jodvi is the toe accessory that brides wear on their wedding day. The jodvi is usually gifted by the bride’s mother-in-law and is mostly made of silver. The bride wears them on her wedding day and enters her husband’s home wearing them. 

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10. Paithani Saree

Last but not the least, the traditional bridal saree i.e. Paithani saree. The handwoven silk saree originated from the city of Paithan in Aurangabad. The vibrant silk saree adds a beautiful pop of color to the whole bridal look. We love the intricate zari work on the pallu and borders. 

paithani sarees for brides

Foto Caters

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