For all the health freaks looking for some fitness motivation, follow these best yoga instructors right away. Since hitting the gyms is not an option for many of us, at-home workouts are the way to go. And the below-mentioned yoga instructors are going to be your saving grace. Yoga helps you keep both your mind and body fit. And it can easily be done at home with zero equipment. All you need is your body strength and some discipline to keep at it. So if you’re ready to get yourself back in the fitness game, these experts will be there to guide you. 

These Best Yoga Instructors Are Going To Guide You Through Your Way To Yoga-

1. Rupal Sidhpura Faria

Well-known celebrity yoga trainer, Rupal Sidhpura, has mastered yoga therapy and breath alignment techniques from The Yoga Institute, Santacruz. Her clientele boasts of prominent Bollywood celebrities and entrepreneurs. Her social media handle is a source of inspiration and information. She gives insights into the kind of exercises you’ll be indulging in and what are its benefits. She also specializes in pre-natal and post-natal yoga for women. 

Rupal Sidhpura Yoga

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2. Anshuka 

Anshuka is a wellness coach who focuses on overall health fitness. She provides online yoga sessions and is always coming up with new batches. From bursting myths to guiding you to achieve your fitness goals, her social media provides all of it. Not only yoga, but Anshuka also provides pilates coaching. Book your session, now!

Anshuka Yoga

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3. Fumiko Takatsu

Did you know that you can exercise your face muscles too? You read that right, face yoga is an anti-aging exercising technique. Trainer Fumiko Takatsu is a face yoga specialist who focuses on exercises for your face that helps boosts collagen. Her techniques aim to tone your face muscles and promote blood circulation. All that helps keep your skin fresh and younger-looking.

Fumiko Takatsu Face yoga

Yoga poses for brides-to-be to unwind before the wedding day.

4. Radhika Bose

Fitness blogger, Radhika Bose’s social media is full of motivational workout videos. Her posts are so motivational and all about promoting a healthy and realistic body image. Apart from yoga, she also travels and takes us through her yoga journey around the world. 

best yoga instructors

5. Diksha Lalwani

Unwind your day with Diksha Lalwani. She is a yoga and meditation teacher that provides studio, as well as, private yoga sessions. Her method is to channel positivity and you can certainly get that vibe from her social media handles. So book a session and become one with your inner-self.Diksha Lalwani yoga instructor

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6. Nishtha Bijlani

Get yourself back in the fitness game by following the footsteps of yogi Nishtha Bijlani. With her easy tutorials and tips, you can start achieving your fitness goals from the get-go. Nishta is a well-trained yoga instructor who provides online instructional videos and classes. So don’t wait and get started.

yoga teacher

7. Neha Bangia Gulati

Mother of two, Neha Bangia Gulati, is a certified Reebok fitness coach. She sure is an inspiration to many women who need to prioritize self-care. Neha is a great example for all the mothers out there who think motherhood restricts them. Follow her inspirational yoga journey and start your own.

yoga trainer Neha Bangia

8. Shani Dayal

Shani Dayal is a well-skilled yoga teacher whose Instagram journey is filled with motivational clips. Her teachings are not just limited to fat burning and weight loss exercises. She also focuses on overall body health, such as breathing exercises and gut health. Her profile has several informative videos that are great for beginners starting their yoga journey.

Shani Dayal yoga trainer

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9. Nidhi Mohan Kamal 

Nidhi Mohan is a certified yoga and strength fitness trainer. Her social media is all about promoting healthy lifestyle habits. From mobility training to step-by-step exercising, Nidhi does it all. She also focuses on healthy food habits and educates her followers about the same. Ready to start your health journey?

Nidhi Mohan Kamal

10. Seema Sondhi

Highly experienced Seema Sodhi has been practicing yoga for over three decades. Her passion for yoga led her to launch her Yoga Studio where she teaches yoga classes. She also provides training for people who wish to become yoga teachers. They provide Yin yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, and prenatal yoga classes for people of all ages. 

best yoga instructors (2)

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