If you’re a groom-to-be, you might be anxious about your wedding night. We have found the best first night tips for grooms that will help you. The first night of your wedding can make you nervous or jittery. And it’s normal to feel a little nervous. No matter if you’ve known your lady love before or not, the first night can always be a little nerve-wracking. So, without further ado, let’s get going!

Take Note Of These First Night Tips For Grooms To Reduce Stress-

1. Get To Know Each Other 

If you’ve had an arranged marriage, then it’ll be better for you to know each other before you jump into something more intimate. Knowing each other is a form of intimacy. Once you both are comfortable with each other, then the rest of it is a lot easier. You don’t want things to go awkwardly on your first night, right?

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2. Communication Is The Key

Every individual is different, so don’t assume that your new partner will like the same things your ex liked. Talk to each other about what makes them happy. So that both of you can enjoy the night together. Don’t be afraid to open up about your needs. Once both of you have laid down all your cards in front of each other, it’ll be a lot smoother. 

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3. Take It Slow

Just because it’s your first night after the wedding does not mean you have to have intercourse with your partner. It is quite natural for both of you to have first-night jitters. Instead, try watching a movie together while cuddling or just talk to each other. After all, it’s not a duty that one has to fulfill.

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4. Personal Grooming

While there are tons of people to take care of your wedding planning, your personal grooming is all on you. So make sure that you’re well-groomed to impress your partner. Even if you’ve known each other for a long time, grooming doesn’t have to take a backseat. Make sure you’ve had a fresh haircut, keep your body hair in check, spray on a good cologne, etc. It will reflect that you care and that you’re considerate of your partner’s needs.

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5. Set The Mood Right

Another great way to avoid bringing up the topic to have sex is to let your actions speak. If you don’t know how to start a conversation, then simply set the mood right. Draw a nice bubble bath, or dim the lights and light up scented candles. These are subtle ways to let your partner know that you’re ready. And if your spouse shares the feeling, then you both can just enjoy the moment.

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6. It’s Gonna Be Okay

Like we mentioned earlier, it is VERY common to feel nervous or shy on your first night. And that might hamper your performance while getting intimate with your partner. Just don’t let that be an obstacle in connecting. Rather, take a breath and relax. And it goes both ways, it might happen to your partner. That is when you need to step up and let them know that it’s okay. Because pressure can always get the best of anyone.

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7. Have Loads Of Fun

Lastly, don’t forget to have fun together. Whether you end up having sex or not, just have fun with each other. Share laughs, stories, and lots of cuddles. Because you’ve got a lifetime to spend together and it should always be about having fun. It gets better, trust us!

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Now that we’ve spilled the beans, stop stressing and relax. Make your first night a memorable one.

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