First of all, let’s address what #Maskne really is. ‘Maskne’ is a term commonly used to refer to skin acne that is caused due to using face masks. It occurs when the area that is covered from your masks starts breaking out or chaffing. As masks cover your face, they may tend to suffocate sweat, oil, makeup, and bacteria that could result in clogged pores and may lead to skin irritation. 

Since masks are the new norm, they’re surely here to stay for a long time. So, does that mean we’ve to suffer the wrath of Maskne forever? Absolutely not, ladies. We’ve got some amazing tips for all of you who want to get rid of skin problems that are caused due to face masks.

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Save These Tips On How To Prevent Acne Caused Due To Wearing Face Masks-

1. Quality Of Masks

As COVID-19 has made wearing face masks a necessity, we can’t just avoid them. So, the only way you can tackle your skin problems caused due to masks is to use a mask made of breathable fabric. You can use cotton masks. Or even use a cotton cloth as a mask, provided it’s layered. Another thing you can do is to wash your face mask regularly after daily use. It’ll help you maintain hygiene as well as avoid skin irritation. If you use disposable masks, then be sure to dispose of them regularly as well.

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2. Simplify Your Skincare

A lot of us are very conscious about our skin and tend to overdo our skincare. While it may have yielded good results in the past, your mask might be nullifying all the work. Apply the ‘less is more’ rule. Your skin needs to breathe and it gets a little complicated with masks. So, just go gentle and use a mild cleanser to wash your face and a gentle moisturizer. As simple as that!

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3. How To Prevent Acne

While wearing masks is inevitable these days, it is important to know how to use them. We all need to be safe and cover our nose and mouth to avoid the Coronavirus. But that does not mean that you suffocate your skin doing it. Use masks that fit your face snugly, it shouldn’t be too tight. And make sure to give your face a break from masks every 4 hours for at least 15 mins. But only remove the mask when it is safe to do so. When you’re in a setting outside your home while practicing social distancing, it is safe to de-mask yourself. 

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4. Go Minimal With Your Makeup

Your skin is already holding onto a lot of sweat and skin oil, and adding makeup products could have adverse effects. When all that product is trapped inside a mask, it could lead to clogged pores and other skin problems. So, if you can, then ditch your makeup products. If not, then minimize the products you use. 

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5. Be Mindful Of Your Skin Products

Keeping makeup aside, any other product that you use on your skin should be gentle. Invest in cleansers and moisturizers that have salicylic acid and that are fragrance-free. Wearing masks doesn’t only result in maskne, it can lead to allergic reactions as well. So, be mindful of what you put on your face.

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If your skin issues continue even after incorporating all these preventive methods, please consult your dermatologist. Until then, stay safe!

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