These days, it’s almost necessary for couples who are getting married to have a wedding website. Especially when planning a wedding during this pandemic, a website would give so much ease to the long and complicated process. 

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wedding website tricks

There’s a lot you can do with a wedding website. You can send invitations and manage RSVPs, answer questions, give details about the event, and more. 

We Will Break Down Seven Elements You Must Know To Make The Perfect Wedding Website – 

Make it Personal

What’s great about a wedding website, it costs much less than sending out invitation cards, yet it gives much more space for information and creativity. You can try to make a website that best represents your event or your couple. 

wedding website tricks

Start by choosing themes and layouts that aesthetically match the theme of the wedding event. Then, you can attach photos or add stories that may keep the audience engaged and entertained as they scroll through the website. 

Keep it Simple

With wedding websites, less is more. Having too many pages may confuse the audience and distract them from important information. Moreover, older guests may find it challenging to navigate website sections. 

For example, it’s possible to use a minimalistic, one-page website layout to keep things simple. Compile the important information and keep it short so that it’s easily absorbable in one scroll. 

You should have the location, date, time, and essential details for the event covered. By the end of it, add an RSVP button to make it easy for guests to confirm their attendance.

Choose a Proper Wedding Website Builder

Thanks to technological advancements, making websites today is made easy with drag-and-drop website builder tools. Adding elements and editing the layout of websites now require less technical knowledge and skills. 

I recommend going for a wedding website builder as it gives more ease in creating the perfect wedding website. You can choose from the many available templates, add important elements such as the RSVP button, photo gallery, map pinned to the event location, and more. 

wedding website templates

When using Zyro, you should see the Create New Website button on the dashboard. Upon click, it will redirect to the template options page, where each theme is sorted into different categories. Choose Events to find the perfect theme as a base design, and you can add customizations to further match the physical wedding theme from there. 

Encourage Guests to RSVP Online

A wedding website is made to make processes easier for both guests and future bride and groom. It should be able to take RSVP notifications from guests, especially for those who could not make reservations or send back the invitations personally.

Set up an online RSVP page that makes it easy for guests to notify their attendance. Usually, you can do it with the built-in feature in the wedding website builder or theme. If not, you can set up WordPress and use WPForms to create your RSVP form.

Create a FAQ Page

An FAQ page should be very beneficial in helping both the guests and the bride and groom. Guests will have specific questions regarding the event, and you can save time by having them already answered on the dedicated page. 

Begin with researching the questions that most people would have about a wedding. From there, write answers suited to how the event will proceed. Make sure to cover basic questions such as dress code, parking lot, and the type of meal that will be served. 

Coordinate Your Theme With The Physical Wedding Theme

There are plenty of themes to choose from if you use a wedding website builder. While everything may look nice, it’s important to choose one that is aligned with your event to match both experiences and give the audience a glimpse of how it will look like.

wedding website themes

Use Professional Photography

Adding engagement or pre-wedding photos to the website can be a nice touch to the website and a great viewing experience for the guests. However, it should not be done with low-quality images, as it may cause the site to look cluttered instead. 

Hire a professional photographer to take photos of you and your partner. Choose moments that best represent you as a couple, and make sure it is displayed well on the website. Remember to not include too many pictures, as it may look overwhelming and clutter the site. 

Professional Wedding Photography

Creating a wedding website gives a lot of ease when it comes to wedding processes. That is why it is important to spend proper time and effort to build the perfect wedding website. It should be a great help to both the guests and the bride and groom. 

At the end of the day, a wedding is a personal event. Ensure that all the functions cater to the guests’ needs, and the design and layout represent both you and your partner as a couple. 

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