If you’re planning your pre-wedding shoot in Goa, then we’ve got it all sorted for you. Goa is the most exotic Indian location for you to get those beautiful shots with your partner-in-crime. The most common misconception people have about Goa is that it’s all about the beaches. While there are some really beautiful beaches in Goa, there are various other beautiful locations as well. We’ll be telling you all about those awesome locations so that you can capture Goa and your love for one another the best way possible. Let’s get straight into it.

Plan Your Pre-Wedding Shoot In Goa By Bookmarking These Beautiful Locations-

1. We Just Can’t Ignore Those Beaches

We had to mention Goa’s prized possession, its gorgeous beaches. The beautiful sunset shots will add all the lovey-dovey feel to your pictures. With beautiful waters and sand running through both your feet. You can’t deny the beach magic!

pre-wedding shoot in goa

49 The Studio

couple photoshoot

Rahul De Cunha Pictures

beach pre-wedding shoot

The Wedding Pictures

couple sunset pre-wedding shoot

Raaj Salgaonkar Photography

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2. Luxurious Pre-Wedding Shoot In Goa

If you’re over beaches and love grandeur, then a pre-wedding shoot on a Yacht should be your go-to. Take advantage of the beautiful waters and plan your pre-wedding shoot in Goa on a luxurious Yacht. You can hire some beautiful beauties from the many cruise services that Goa has to offer. Now that’s a grand pre-wedding shoot, isn’t it?

pre-wedding shoot on yacht

Amit Video Vision

Goa pre-wedding shoot

Dipak Studios

couple pre-wedding photoshoot

Dark Cup Productions

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3. Add Vibrancy To Your Photos With Goa’s Colorful Bylanes

Goa’s architecture and history are heavily influenced by the Portuguese and the beauty is mesmerizing. The colorful buildings and bright colored bylanes give a very European feel to the whole place. And that will instantly pop up your pre-wedding pictures. 

Goa pre-wedding shoot on streets

Wedding Twinkles

couple pre-wedding Goa shoot

Lokaso Goa Photographer

vibrant pre-wedding shoot

Raaj Salgaonkar Photography

pre-wedding shoot in goa (2)

Aniket Halbe Photography

4. How About Goan Vintage Mansions For Your Pre-Wedding Shoot?

Goa’s rich culture and history are truly a thing of beauty. And if you love old vintage properties, then Braganza House will definitely satisfy you. With rustic exteriors and grand interiors, you and your partner will look nothing short of royalty.

vintage mansion pre-wedding shoot

Studio RDP

couple pre-wedding mansion photoshoot

Studio RDP

5. Get Snapped By The Marvellous Churches

If there’s anything Goa is known for other than its beaches, it’s the beautiful churches. Since Goa was under Portuguese rule during the colonial era, there are a lot of churches to be found. And they are magnificent. So naturally, it makes for the perfect pre-wedding shoot location in Goa.

Pre-wedding shoot in Goa's church

Lokaso Goa Photographer

pre-wedding shoot by church

Raaj Salgaonkar Photography

church pre-wedding shoot

Rizwan Shaikh Photography

6. Get Lost In Wilderness For Your Pre-Wedding Shoot In Goa

Apart from its scenic beaches, Goa is also blessed with massive forest coverage and greenery. So we say, you and your boo can take an exploratory pre-wedding shoot in the forests of Goa.

Goan Ghat pre-wedding shoot


couple pre-wedding Goa shoot

Raaj Salgaonkar Photography

forest pre-wedding shoot

Seventy By Two

7. Pre-Wedding Shoot With Vintage Cars For The Classy Couple

Since the streets of Goa aren’t as crowded as other Metropolitan cities, a fancy car would work wonders as a prop to your pre-wedding shoot. There are many car services in Goa that let people hire fancy vintage cars for weddings and other purposes. And we suggest that you and your mate can make your pre-wedding shoot in Goa to the next level with those cars.

orange vintage car pre-wedding shoot

Wedding Cars In Goa

sunset pre-wedding shoot in car

The Focus Film

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