We all know that bridal buns are literally the go-to hairstyle for weddings. However, these brides experimented with colorful floral buns! And left us stunned. So, if you want to add some X-factor to your wedding day hairstyle, check these out and you will be totally rocking your look. We loved these experimental brides who completely ditched the idea of carrying a simple bridal bun for these eye-catching and striking colorful ones.

Check Out How These Brides Rocked Colorful Floral Buns On Their Wedding –

1. Bridal Buns That Left Us Speechless

Admiring this bride’s choice for opting such a soothing and beautiful colored bun. This one is our absolute favorite.

Colorful Floral Buns

Image Source: Ritika Hairstylist

Never ever spotted a bun with so many pretty and colorful flowers. The red and yellow roses paired with baby breath looks extremely stunning.

bridal buns for brides

Image Source: Simmy Makwana

In case you are looking for more bridal buns for weddings.

In awe of this one where the bride made sure to have all the unique elements and we love how she decided to pair baby breath with peacock feathers. Isn’t this just amazing?

floral bridal buns

Image Source: Simmy Makwana

2. Colorful Floral Buns That We Adore Completely

Full of red roses, this floral bridal bun tops our list and we recommend this to all the beautiful brides-to-be who want to keep it minimal and simple.

bridal hairstyle ideas

Image Source: Arushi MUA

Have you ever seen a floral bun like this one? Just cannot stop staring at this where half of the bun is covered with flowers.

Colorful Floral Buns

Image Source: Anita Shil Hairstylist

Guide on how to choose the right bridal hairstyle for different face shapes.

These brides with such subtle and elegant bridal hairstyles won our heart. Did you notice how beautifully the roses have been placed with baby breaths and it is looking perfect as ever.

bridal floral buns

Image Source: Anita Shil

floral buns for brides

Image Source: Hair By Anisha Nagpal

3. Floral Bun Hairstyles For Brides

How much baby breath is too much baby breath? Completely drooling over this bridal hairstyle and it just has our complete attention.

bridal floral buns

Image Source: Hair By Anisha Nagpal

Never thought a bridal bun would look so good because of carnations. Isn’t this a unique one with purple carnations and green leaves.

bridal hairstyles

Image Source: Hair By Megha

Save these bridal hairstyle tips that you must keep in mind.

How about complimenting pink carnations with baby breaths? Isn’t it just the perfect bridal hairstyle?

colourful floral bunsImage Source: Hair By Megha

This bridal hairdo has our attention, totally adoring this hairstyle with roses and its beauty is just unbelievable.

bridal hairstyle trends

Image Source: Richa Dave

We are all eyes for this one where they used flowers just at the end of the bun and totally made it stand out from others. 

floral bridal buns

Image Source: Hair By Sha

How about these trending bridal hair color ideas for your wedding.

Save these gorgeous and pretty floral and colorful bridal buns for the upcoming wedding season. We are sure you loved each and everyone and these are truly the best way to adorn your beautiful hair with.

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