These wedding trends in 2021 are to be ditched right away. We bet ditching these trends will make your wedding a hit and it will have all the attention. The outbreak of pandemic did reshape the way weddings used to take place but it’s time to say hello to the new and trending ones. 

Let’s keep up with the trends and make your wedding the talk of the town with these amazing ideas. Note them down before you forget and miss anything.

unique wedding trends

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Take Notes Of These Wedding Trends In 2021 That You Must Ditch:

1. Avoid OTT Wedding Favors For Wedding Trends In 2021

Well, it’s time you replace OTT wedding favors with sustainable ones and giving out eco-friendly gifts is really a good idea. We bet your guests will love it too and it will always remind them of you.

Wedding Trends In 2021

Image Source: Atisuto

Tips on how you can plan a sustainable wedding.

2. No Wedding Cakes But Something Different

We can totally bet with you on this one that wedding cakes are no longer in fashion. You will be surprised to see that people are actually having pancakes or donuts for their wedding celebrations and it is just amazing.

wedding cake trends

Look out for these delicious alternatives to the wedding cake.

3. Leave Grand Wedding Venues For A Getaway Wedding

Having a getaway wedding with your closed ones is something you will cherish forever and it will be amazing for you as well as the guests. Imagine having a section of resort or some villa for just your family members. Wouldn’t that be a great idea?

wedding venues

Image Source: The Himalayan Resort

Take notes of these best resorts for a staycation wedding.

4. Neon Signs For Wedding Decor

Another thing that we must get rid of this year is the neon signs in decor. We have seen too much of it and it is getting boring day by day. Instead look for some OTB decor ideas that will sweep everybody off their feet. However if you are still looking to go “the neon sign way”, you can try out a few made by Neon Mama.  

unique wedding ideas

Image Source: Aash Studios

5. Not Instagrammy But Personalised Weddings

If 2020 has taught us something, that is how you can plan a surreal wedding by personalizing it with elements. Yes, the pictures on Instagram do look really beautiful but it would be something different to have a wedding that is not copied from another.

Wedding Trends In 2021

Image Source: Greycard Photography

6. Gone Are The Days Of All White And Basic Color Palettes

This year is all about bold and vibrant colors whether in matters of outfits or decor.  Make this the key rule of your wedding to have eye-catching and bold colors and you will truly love it.

wedding decor ideas

Image Source: Mosshound

How about these wedding colors that are trending in 2021.

7. Brides In Pink And Red Lehengas

We think it’s time for brides to experiment with different color palette for their wedding outfits as we have had enough of red and pinks and 2021 demands for some unique and offbeat colors.

offbeat bridal colors

Image Source: Sunny Dhiman

8. Grooms In Beige Or White Sherwani

Well, grooms-to-be, you really don’t need to stick to this patent color for your D-day. You are going to love how designers have come up with such great options for you all and they are to be pinned right away.

groom sherwani colors

Image Source: Israni Photography

9. Coordinated Bridesmaids Outfits

Gone are the days when bridesmaids used to coordinate their outfits. However, mismatched bridesmaids outfit is literally trending and we are all hearts for it.

mismatched bridesmaids outfits

Image Source: Anuraag Rathi

Look out how these bridesmaids are creating a statement in mismatched outfits.

These wedding trends in 2021 are to be ditched and we assure you that these ideas are perfect for your dream wedding and you will not regret ditching these ones. Start planning your wedding now with the help of these amazing ideas and trends.

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