Kisses are most definitely the sweetest way to communicate your love to your partner. And did you know that there are about 30 types of kisses found in the Kama Sutra? But we’ll be talking about the 10 most common and passionate types of kisses that y’all should know about. You can convey a lot to your significant other just by kissing them a certain way. We’ll tell you about the different types of kisses and what they mean.

types of kisses and meaning

Read All About The Different Types Of Kisses And What They Mean-

1. Kiss On The Hand

A kiss on the hand is a very formal and gentle way of greeting someone. It shows your love for your partner in a very gentle and respectful way. It reflects your admiration for one another and can also be a hint to show their interest in you.

hand kiss

2. Forehead Kiss

A soft kiss on the forehead is the sweetest form of expressing your love to your partner. It shows how much you care for one another. It is a very sweet way of showing affection to your partner.

types of kisses

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3. Top Of The Head Kiss

Not to be confused with the forehead kiss, the top of the head kiss is positioned over your head where your hair is. This shows that the other person is very protective of you and wants to express that they’re gonna be here for you no matter what. Isn’t that beautiful?

Top of the head kiss

4. Butterfly Kiss

A butterfly kiss takes place when both you and your partner face each other and are close enough that your eyelashes touch each other. This signifies closeness and intimacy for your partner. And could also mean that you’re partner is ready to take things to the next level.

butterfly kiss

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5. A Kiss On The Cheek

Cheek kisses are a very friendly way of greeting one another. But amongst partners, it could mean a sweet gesture to show your appreciation and love for each other. Cheek kisses may also mean that your partner wants to let you know that they want you in a subtle way.

types of kisses

6. Angel Kiss

The most adorable types of kisses have to be the angel kiss. Angel kiss is a type of kiss where your partner places a delicate kiss on your eyes. It is a way of expressing your love to your partner and also showing them how much you care about them. It usually takes place when someone says goodbye to somebody and wants them to know about their love.

angel kiss

7. Shoulder Kiss

A gentle kiss on the shoulder could mean that your partner is there to support you through thick and thin. It denotes both physical and emotional intimacy between the two of you. Also, placing a kiss on the shoulder in a public setting is a very subtle way of PDA.

deepika ranveer shoulder kiss

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8. Earlobe Kiss

A kiss on the earlobe is a very intimate kiss. This could mean that your partner wants you to know that they find you very attractive and also a way of showing passionate affection. Partners usually place an earlobe kiss during their intimate moments to express their love to one another.

earlobe kiss

9. Neck Kiss

Neck kisses are usually very sexual in nature. When your partner kisses your neck, you know things are about to get steamy. It is a sign that your partner wants to get closer to you.

close up view of man kissing beautiful girlfriend in neck

10. French Kiss

The most passionate of them all is the french kiss. French kiss is the most romantic and sexual kiss of them all. When your partner is ready to french kiss you, it means they’re ready to take your relationship and sex life to a next level as well.

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That’s all, folks! Kisses are the best way to communicate with one another during sex, it helps boost sex drive and helps you two bond well. Which type of kiss is your favorite? 

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