Planning weddings is a lot of work, and planning a beach wedding on a budget is a whole other task in itself. There’s a lot that one has to consider while planning a beach wedding since it’s an outdoor venue, there’s a lot at stake. And to top that if the wedding budget is small, a lot of meticulous planning needs to be done. But don’t you worry guys, that’s when we step in. We’ve got some easy solutions to plan a beach wedding on a small budget. Let’s go!

Here’s all you need to know about planning a beach wedding in India.

Check Out This Helpful & Easy Guide To Plan A Beach Wedding On A Budget-

1. Plan A Beach Wedding During The Off-Season

Just like any other venue, beach weddings cost a lot less during the wedding off-season.  You can get great deals on caterers, decorators, and DJs. Plan out your dates in advance, and book your venue and vendors, right away. This will help you minimize your wedding cost by a good percentage and you can choose what to splurge the extra money on.

beach wedding

Anoop Studios

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2. Select A Local Beach For Your Venue

Private beaches will naturally cost you more, so you can opt for a local beach as your wedding venue. Local beaches usually only need a permit, which doesn’t cost a lot as compared to booking a private beach. And if you make your bookings in advance you can choose favorable weather conditions as well. 

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3. Send Out E-Invites

We’re living in a digital era, so why not keep up with the latest trends? Sending out paper invitations can also take a chunk of your budget, and that’s something that we can easily avoid. You can do a lot more with digital invites, customizations, and whatnot. Moreover, e-invites are delivered instantly which means no one receives late invitations. And no delays in RSVPs as well. 


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4. Prepare A Guest List

Keeping in mind that you’re planning a budget wedding, don’t forget to narrow down your guest list as well. Since it’s a budget wedding, you don’t need to include the far-off relatives, just some close friends, and family members. Do not get carried away while preparing your guest list, and DO NOT forget to make a guest list. There’s a lot that will have a domino effect on your wedding budget. From catering to seating, everything will depend on your guests’ attendance.

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5. Incorporate DIY Decor

A very creative way to save some moolah on wedding decor is to incorporate some DIY decor items. You can choose to include some local ornaments for your beach wedding decor. Or get your hands dirty in the decor preparations by doing some DIY decor. With some origami string decor, wine bottles, or colorful kites. Bring out your inner artist and get creative with your decor theme.

DIY Decor

Decor By Sajdhaj

DIY origami decor

Devika Narain & Co.

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6. Dress Up In Beachy Wedding Attires

Hear us out! Beach weddings are a lot more fun, and there’s no doubt about that. But do you both want to be dressed super-formally while your friends are letting loose? We think not! If you’re open to the idea of going easy and informal for your wedding dress then you can cut down the budget cost. We know, some of you are very adamant about your luxurious wedding dresses but if you care more about having a good time, then a beachy and casual wedding attire is the way to go. 

casual beach wedding attire

plan a beach wedding

Infinite Memories

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7. Get Creative With Your Wedding Cake

There’s a lot one needs to bear in mind when planning a wedding on a budget. And when it comes to the wedding cake, we suggest you opt for some yummy and delicious cupcakes instead of a big, personalized wedding cake. Since there are a lot of guests, a wedding cake has to be big enough to serve them all, which can cost a lot. But at the end of the day, it’s about the taste and not the look. So, choosing cupcakes or macaroons instead of wedding cake can help you cut down the wedding cake cost for your beach wedding.

cupcake wedding cake

Donut for wedding cake

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Lastly, don’t fuss about the others, it’s your wedding day and you two have all the authority to make your decisions. Plan out your wedding in advance and don’t forget to have a lot of fun.

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