Kamarbandhs have been a part of the traditional jewelry that every South Indian bride wears.  However, recently we have spotted many North Indian brides making a style statement with chic pieces of Kamarbandh designs. From sarees and lehengas to salwar kameez, there’s nothing you can’t pair your Kamarbandh with. And we’ve got some uber-cool Kamarbandh design ideas that 2021 brides-to-be can take inspiration from.  

Here Are Some Classy Yet Trendy Kamarbandh Design Ideas For You Steal The Show On Your Big Day-

1. Belt Up For The Occasion

Pair your wedding outfits with the sleek and elegant belt styled Kamarbandhs for the fuss-free look. These gold belted Kamarbandh designs are giving us the minimal and chic vibe which is just perfect for a well-dressed yet stylish look.

Sleek Belted Waist Chain

Image Source: Pinterest

Belted Kamarbandh

Image Source: HRH Photography

This traditional and antique motif gold belted Kamarbandh design has our special attention.

Golden Motif Kamarbandh

2. How About These Silver Oxidised Kamarbandh Designs For A Fancy Look?

Silver oxidized jewelry has been quite popular with the young crowd for those who love accessorizing their OOTDs with a quirky look. And these chunky, as well as minimally oxidized Kamarbandhs, are definitely giving us the boho vibes we dearly adore.

Silver Oxidised Waist Chain

Image Source: Lilly Jewellers

Silver Oxidised Waist Chain

Image Source: Lilly Jewellers

Sleek Silver Waist Chain

Image Source: Lilly Jewellers

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3. Keepin’ It Simple Yet Vogue With Sleek Kamarbandhs

Bridal jewelleries can be overwhelming for some of us who like to keep it light and breezy. And keeping your needs in mind, we’ve got these simple yet interesting pieces of Kamarbandh designs that’ll complement your outfit without being any kind of fuss. 

Sleek Kamarbandh

Image Source: Pooram Weddings

Sleek Kamarbandh

Image Source: The Brides Of Insta

Sleek Kamarbandh Designs

Image Source: Drishya Weddings

Sleek Kamarbandh Designs

Image Source: Venue Monk

Sleek Kamarbandh Designs

Image Source: Happyframes Photography

4. Fashion The Florals For The Pre-Wedding Functions

This bubbly bride styled her Mehendi look with the floral pieces of jewelry and the floral Kamarbandh Design looks incredible. She definitely stole our hearts with her cheerful smile. 

Floral Kamarbandh Designs

Image Source: ArtFoto

5. Layer It Up, Ladies!

If you’re somewhere between minimalistic and OTT, then these multi-tiered Kamarbandh design ideas will surely come in handy. The sleek Kamarbandh chains with double or triple layers of grace are going to add a flair to your outfit without looking too much or too less. Check ‘em out!

Layered Kamarbandh

Image Source: Cupcake Weddings

Layered Kamarbandh

Image Source: The Wedding Salad

Layered Kamarbandh

Image Source: Minchu By Sujay & Shreyanka

6. Dangle Those Jewels Away With Fringed Kamarbandh Designs

These subtle fringed Kamarbandh are no short of elegance and beauty. The gold Kamarbandh with dangling pearls is keeping the bridal look classy. And the silver Kamarbandh with sequin coins matching the bride’s blouse’s sleeve borders completes the look perfectly.

Dangling Jewelled Kamarbandh Designs

Image Source: SevenQ Weddings

Dangling Jewelled Kamarbandh Designs

Image Source: Color Padam Photography

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