If you are in search of offbeat and unique Groom Pagri Designs, you need to look no further.  Pagri makes a groom complete and gives him a royal touch. We have spotted real grooms in some different pagri designs which range from traditional to unconventional. 

So, If You’re Thinking Which Groom Pagri Design You Should Opt For We Have Found You A Variety Of Ways In Which You Can Rock Your Wedding Look:

1. The Classic Peshwai Turbans

One of the most regal and stylish groom pagris we’ve come across is Peshwai groom pagri design. All Marathi grooms wear this special pagri for their big day. It is usually seen that grooms like to keep their outfit simple because the pagri is the real show stealer.

Kudos to these grooms who styled their Peshwai groom pagri with jewel strings and gave it a charming look

beige peshwa groom pagri

Image Source- Pinterest

red peshwa pagri

Image Source- Pinterest

peshwa groom pagri

Image Source- Photizo Studio

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2. Rajasthani Groom Pagri for Traditional Grooms

We are huge fans of Rajasthani Grooms, they’re known for their royal look. But what really is the highlight of their wedding look is their pagri. For the grooms who like to keep it conventional, Rajasthani groom pagri is your rescue. 

beige rajasthani groom pagri

Image Source- Sabyasachi

purple rajasthani groom pagri

Image Source- Pinterest

rajasthani groom pagri

Image Source- Maharaja Turban

rajasthani groom pagri design

Image Source- Maharaja Turban

And here’s one true stunner Rajasthani groom look from head to toe.

orange rajasthani pagri

Image Source- Rangbari

Going crazy over this groom’s pagri and necklace.

rajasthani pagri ideas

Image Source- Sabyasachi

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3. Nothing Beats the Magic of Leheriya Prints

For the grooms who want to play with colours and are looking for some vibrant groom pagri designs.

lehriya groom pagri print

Image Source- Pinterest

Make a dapper groom in these printed groom jackets and contrasting leheriya print groom pagri design.

baby pink lehriya pagri

Image Source- Sabyasachi

green lehriya pagri

Image Source- Sabyasachi

Seek some inspiration from new trending ways to match couple outfits in prints.

How charming these grooms look in their respective ivory bandhgalas and leheriya print groom pagris.

red jodhpuri pagri

Image Source- Pinterest

pink lehriya groom pagri

Image Source- Harikiran Photography

You can also coordinate pagris in different leheriya prints with your groomsmen and set a trend.

leheriya pagri for groomsmen

Image Source- Sabyasachi

4. The Exquisite and Royal Groom Pagri

Bookmark these subtle groom pagri designs in pastels and accessorize them with kalgis for a stunning look.

royal groom pagdi

Image Source- Plush Affairs

royal groom pagri design

Image Source- Sabyasachi

royal white groom pagri

Image Source- Pinterest

royal groom pagri

Image Source- Maharaja Turban

5. Keep It Simple with Mewari Pagri

Nothing defines simplicity better than a Mewari groom pagri. These pagris come small in size with no tail which gives the groom a break free look.

rust mewari groom pagri

Image Source- Pinterest

6. Elegance and Charm All Rolled In One 

For our modern grooms put your best foot forward and make a statement in these groom pagri designs with jewel strings.

Notch up your wedding day look with these pagri and incorporate them with jewel strings.

red jewel groom pagri

Image Source- Maharaja Turban

green jewel groom pagri

Image Source- Maharaja Turban

Have a look at latest groom jewellery trends and ideas for stylish grooms.

7. The Showstopper Sikh Groom Pagri

A Singh looks truly a King in his pagri. These Sikh grooms caught our eyeballs in their simple groom pagri and elaborate groom necklaces.

sikh groom pagri design

Image Source- Paghvala

sikh groom pagri

Image Source- Navinmistry Photography

Grooms often pay attention to their outfit and forget about other important aspects. Your groom pagri design speaks a lot about your look, so choose it wisely and make a statement look on your wedding day.

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