Sometimes it seems like nothing can exactly please your sibling but we think these amazing gifts for brother and sister for bhaidooj say otherwise. 

No doubt your siblings are your biggest critics. Be it your dressing sense, your choice of movies, your daily routine, or even your taste in men/women, everything is met with scrutiny. Of course, mostly it’s out of a playful sense of teasing, but this thought might give you a hard time when you’re figuring out the perfect gift for them. Though you know them through and through, we’ll admit coming up with a unique gift that they would love is a tough call. ShaadiWish has selected the best gifts for brother and sister for this bhaidooj.

Surprise your siblings in the best way possible this festive season with these unique gifts for brother and sister –

For The Notorious Brothers:

1. Men’s Grooming Set 

Of course, guys love keeping themselves stylish and well-groomed as well, it’s just that they never take out the time to actually shop for it at all. So there you go, a thoughtful gift right there. 

Grooming Set for men

Image Source – The Man Company

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2. Wireless Earbuds

Perfect for his everyday run and gyming sessions. Right?

gifts for brother and sister

Image Source – Bose

3. Cologne

A guy would not appreciate a good musky cologne. A great gift for your brother as it would make him more likable amongst the girls and he would love you for that.

gifts for brother

Image Source –

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4. A Cozy Polo-Neck Jumper

A great fashionable gift for your brother as it would be perfect for the upcoming winter season too.

gifts for siblings

Image Source – H&M


5. A Personalized Bar Set

Your brother will adore you for this amazing set because not only it’s related to alcohol but also personalized and how cute is that?!

Bar Set

Bar Set for brothers

Image Source – notonlyletters on Instagram

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6. Some Cool Nike Kicks

Boys love anything sporty and Nike shoes are definitely the trendsetter, so why the heck not?

gift ideas for bhaidooj

Image Source – Nike

7. A Smart Watch

Guys are a sucker for gizmos and any latest tech gadget makes their heart flutter like nothing else, so a smartwatch would not only satisfy the 15-year-old boy inside him but would also prove to be very practical and useful.

best gift ideas, gifts for brother and sister

Image Source – Amazon

8. Hori Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro

If you have the slightest hint that your brother is into gaming, just get him this. He would be forever grateful to you and maybe never even argue over the stupid remote anymore. 

Diwali gift ideas

Image Source – TheVerge

For The Hard-To-Please Sisters

9. Fuji Mini Instax Camera

This gift would show how much you care about your sister and her eternal love for polaroid selfies with her friends. She’d always thank you for contributing to her VSCO girl aesthetics with this. 

ultimate gift ideas

Image Source – Amazon

10. A Cute Cross-Body Sling

It would be a wonderful addition to her accessories closet and she’d not misplace her keys as often now. 

Diwali gifts

Image Source -Amazon

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11. Dr. Marten Inspired Platform Boots

If you can get your hands on original Dr. Martens, you’d easily claim the title of the best brother, but even if you can’t, any pair of platform boots inspired by the former’s design would win you her heart too.

gifts for sister

Image Source – Amazon

12. A DIY Selfcare Hamper

Customizing a self-care hamper for your sister would be just as therapeutic for you as it would be for her to receive it. So throw in a couple of soothing face masks, yummy body washes, bath bombs, eye cream, scented candles, a bottle of crisp white wine, a selection of her favorite candies, and some snacks, and let your gift speak volumes about your affection for her.

gift ideas for sister, gifts for brother and sister

Image Source – Pinterest

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13. Fenty Beauty Mini Gloss Bomb Set

If you didn’t already know, Fenty beauty is popular for two things, its bombshell inclusive makeup, and Rihanna and if your sister is a fan of either two (of course she is), she’d love this cute gift. 

best gifts for sisters

Image Source – Sephora

14. A Ukulele

This is probably the cutest gift on the list. If you find your sister humming the tunes of indie singers or anything sweet and melodious, the hipster in her will fall in love with this cute and thoughtful gift. 

gifts for bhaidooj

Image Source – The Guardian

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