Just like your bridal entry is so important to you, don’t forget about your bidaai and these vidaai car decor ideas will help you have all the attention. Just like your entry, your exit should be memorable too. Whether vintage or luxurious, these car decor ideas are absolutely gorgeous and we cannot get enough of them. 

Gone are the days when car decor ideas were only about floral decorations, we absolutely adored these unique vidai car decorations and are surely pinning them down for our D-day.

Scroll Down To Check Out These Stunning Vidaai Car Decor Ideas That We Truly Adore –

1. Car Decorations For Vidaai Ceremony

This one with a just married placard and a beautiful bouquet is all about simplicity and elegance. Don’t you think so too?

Vidaai Car

Image Source: 361 Degree Productions

Another one that we are huge fans of, this car decor was all about rustic elements and we truly adore it.

wedding car decoration ideas

Image Source: Amrit Photography

If you are looking for the most kickass Car-O-Bar for your wedding.

2. Vidaai Car Decor Ideas You Must Consider

How about having an ambassador car for your vidaai? We are sure all eyes will be on you and this one with a message for the couple was adorable.

vidaai car decor trends

Image Source: Pinterest

If you want to personalise your car decor, you can have just like this couple who had their name and wedding date sticker pasted to their car and it was absolutely cute.

wedding car decor trends

Image Source: Pinterest

Well, go bold with a Rolls Royce vintage car with floral decor for you vidaai and you will surely be the talk of the town.

vidaai car

Image Source: Doli Cars

Look out for groom entry ideas in vintage cars.

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3. Bidai Car Decor Trends We Cannot Get Over

How cute is this one? We adore car decor ideas with some personalised message and this one tops our list.

bidaai car decor

This couple went all minimal with their ambassador car decor with just ribbons and flowers.

vidaai ideas

Image Source: Cinnamon Pictures

Another couple who raised the bar high with their unique exit in a vintage Fiat 500 with a gorgeous wreath and had all the attention.

car decor ideas

Image Source: Alessia B Weddings

In case you are looking for car decoration ideas for your big day.

4. Beautiful Car Decorations For Your Wedding Day

Loving this couple who had their wedding hashtag as their car decor and it was literally unique and every bit pretty.

wedding car decor

Image Source: Richa Kashelkar

Fulfill all your princess dreams by making a exit on your wedding day in a chariot just like her and we bet you will be the center of attention.

wedding vidaai trends

Image Source: JSK Photography

Aren’t these car decor ideas a perfect pick for your vidaai ceremony? Well, bookmark the ones you love and make them a part of your celebration like a pro and we bet your wedding exit too will be in trend once you opt for these ideas.

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