Celebrating weddings in the new normal just got hilarious with this latest social distancing haldi ceremony video which went viral on Twitter. While we all witnessed how COVID-19 weddings have been all about fashionable bridal masks and fancy sanitizer stations keeping in mind all the social distancing measures, you gotta check out this Indian family that took it to another level and how.

social distancing haldi ceremony

Laugh your guts out as this family performed a never-seen-before social distancing haldi ceremony with paint rollers:

Recently, a Twitter user named Payal Bhayana shared this hilarious video of haldi ceremony where family members of the bride are seen applying turmeric using a paint roller owing to the social distancing norms while upholding the traditional rituals. 


We can’t stop laughing at this pre wedding video which is trending everywhere for all the right reasons. We bet, you cannot beat this jugaad wali haldi ceremony any better!

Also, check out how other people have been celebrating weddings in the new normal.

Further, swear by these ideas and tips to host socially distanced weddings.

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Shivangi Goel

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