In the world of Sabyasachi, Anita Dongre and Manish Malhotra, a lot of budget brides end up buying a fake designer lehenga in the name of “first copy” or “original replica”. Well ladies, we know how budget breaking are the original designer lehengas. And, while you only get married once, you ought to look your best adorning the signature designer lehengas and why not.

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Well, if you are someone who is okay wearing a replica designer lehenga for your wedding, we totally get you. However, if you are only buying an original designer bridal lehenga thinking it’s available on sale or at a cost much cheaper than you expected, we suggest you to be careful.

Check out these tips and tricks which will help you differentiate between an original or fake designer lehenga:

1. Original Designer Lehengas Are Only Available At Limited Stores

We bet you won’t find your favorite designers selling their outfits next door. Their collection is only available at their limited or flagship stores including multi-designer stores that they sell through. Another way to shop for their collection is to buy online from their official websites or multi-designer websites. Some designers even give an option of renting their old or classic collection. However, that is also available at limited stores. Make sure you research well in advance before starting shopping for your wedding.

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2. Fake Designer Lehenga Won’t Come In Luxurious Packagings

A sure shot way of knowing that the lehenga you are investing in is original or not is by checking it’s packaging. For example, an original Sabyasachi lehenga comes in a luxurious box packaging bearing its Bengal Tiger logo on it. Whereas, replica lehengas are often packed in general poly bags or boxes.

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3. Check The Outfits On Display At The Store You Are Visiting

Well, your next door shopkeeper or Chandni Chowk designers won’t keep a fake designer lehenga on display. They generally keep the replica collection hidden and show it to the customers on request and hence fooling them around.

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4. Check Tags And Labels To Differentiate Between A Real And A Fake Designer Lehenga.

Not just the bridal lehenga packaging but designer’s blouse, lehenga skirt and dupatta come with attached tags and labels. Therefore, don’t miss checking them out to be sure of what you are actually purchasing.

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5. Check Blouse And Dupatta

Often local designers pay attention to the lehenga skirt detailing missing onto blouse and dupatta detailing. Whereas an original lehenga set will have an equal premium look all over.

designer lehenga blouse6. Crosscheck The Lehenga Collection Name From The Shopkeeper

Often every big designer’s collection comes with a specific name with which it is differentiated from the rest of the collection. Cross check the name on Google or designer’s official social media page.

7. It All Lies In The Details i.e. Embroidery

You can easily tell if it is a real or a fake designer lehenga by just checking out its embroidery work. While designer lehengas come with an intricate hand embroidery with clean and crisp details, fake lehengas come with machine embroidery which is often done in quite an untidy way. (You will only know that if you have the kind of eyesight Arjun had in Mahabharata :P)

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8. Pay Attention To The Colors

Know that big designers often come with limited color options. They have their signature outfits in popular bridal colors like reds and pinks with limited customization options. Whereas a fake designer lehenga may be available in multiple color options for you to choose from.

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Well, these are the easiest ways to spot a difference between a real and a fake designer lehenga. So, the next time you are heading out for shopping keep in mind these factors to make sure you are not being fooled around.

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