Well, your siblings and friends absolutely won’t spare you on your haldi ceremony and that is why ShaadiWish fairies have found ways to remove haldi stains instantly. Undoubtedly, it is the most happening event of the wedding but having turmeric stains on your skin is surely the last thing you want on your D-day. Not only that, but your nails and hands too become yellow and that really doesn’t look good. 

So, here we have got you some very easy-peasy tips so that you can get rid of these haldi stains instantly and look glamorous as ever. You can thank us later and have that ultimate fun on your haldi.

Note Down These Easy Tips And Tricks To Remove Haldi Stains Instantly From Your Face On Your Haldi- 

Before Applying Haldi

1. Apply Oil Or Moisturizer All Over Your Body

If you apply oil or some moisturizer beforehand, it will help you to remove the stain quickly and the yellowness would go immediately.

2. Make Packs Of Haldi With Curd, Honey Or Besan

Never apply haldi directly, always mix it with curd, honey or besan and make a face pack out of it. This will also be good for your skin and keep your glow intact.

Remove Haldi Stains

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3. Don’t Forget To Properly Oil Your Hair

You never know, if you get haldi stains on your scalp, it would look really bad. Massage your hair properly with coconut oil or olive oil to prevent it from turmeric.

4. Do Not Use The Haldi Used In The Kitchen

Type of Haldi also plays a very important role. Make sure that you pick the right type of turmeric. More often than not, people use the one that is used in the kitchen, that isn’t the right one. Use organic haldi that is good for the skin too.

haldi removal ideas

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5. Use Vicco Turmeric For Safer Side

Well, if you have a very sensitive skin and you are prone to acne, then you must consider applying Vicco turmeric. You can also mix a pinch of haldi powder in Vicco Turmeric once you take it out in a bowl so that it becomes brighter yellow.

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After Applying Haldi

1. Don’t Use Water To Remove Haldi

Don’t try to get rid of the stain using water, you must rub it gently with oil and then wash it off with a cleanser to make sure that it goes completely.

2. Scrub Your Skin With Lemon And Sugar

Lemon and sugar are considered to be great exfoliators and they will also help you have a glowing skin and remove all the dullness from your face.

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3. Apply Milk To Remove Haldi Stains

Milk has lactic acid in it which is a great help in removing turmeric stains. All you need to do is take a cotton ball and dip it in the raw milk bowl, now just simply apply this cotton ball with raw milk on your face and body to remove the stain.

4. Steal Your Brother’s Shaving Foam

The shaving foam consists of hydrogen peroxide that can help in getting rid of the yellow stain. But, apply this only to your legs and arms. Simply apply the foam on the parts where stains are and wipe it off using a cotton ball.

haldi ceremony tips

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5. A Mixture Of Baking Soda And Lemon Juice

If your nails are also stained, then apply a mix of baking soda and lemon juice and scrub your nails gently to remove all the yellowness from them.

Now, you can have fun without worrying so much about the turmeric stains and we bet these tips will be so helpful to you after your haldi ceremony. Fret not, you will truly be glowing like a diva and all eyes will be on you. Make sure you have all the ingredients already and you are all prepared for it.

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