You landing on this article has made it obvious that you are too curious to know about the latest craze among the men i.e. Manzilian wax or Brazilian wax for men. Well, gone are the days that only women would book the salon appointments for their waxing sessions. Nowadays, men are equally aware of the advantages of hair removal by waxing rather than just using trimmers or shaving.

manzilian wax

While Brazilian wax or as popularly known as the bikini wax is common among women, you will be surprised to know that Manzilian wax is equally growing popular among the men who don’t want unwanted hair down there. A myth as it may sound right now, you gotta check out this complete guide on male Brazilian wax which will help you get educated about the  procedure and its benefits over the traditional hair removal methods.

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What Is Manzilian Wax?

Just like a Brazilian waxing for women, a Manzilian waxing involves complete hair removal surrounding the upper thighs, pubic mound, genitalia, and butt crack.

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Is The Manzilian Wax Painful?

Well, getting the area of your private parts waxed is no joke. And, for men who are trying it for the first time, the pain can be a bit too much. However, once you start taking regular appointments, you would probably get used to it. Using a good quality waxing product is also necessary to reduce the risk of irritation and ingrown hairs which is common during the waxing procedures.

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Benefits Of Using A Male Brazilian Wax

Men are more prone to ingrown hair and acne after shaving their private parts which makes manzilian wax a far more superior method of hair removal. Moreover, it leaves the skin much more smooth, fresh and healthy!

brazilian waxing for men

Manzilian Waxing Etiquettes And Tips

From pre-wax to post-wax care and tips, make sure you are well-aware of these waxing etiquettes.

1. Cleanliness is generally appreciated any time you’re going to get naked. One must exfoliate the skin in advance and continue the habit for future waxing sessions. 

2. For best results, hair needs to be ¼ of an inch or longer. However, in case of too much hair, some men might need prior trimming to reduce pain during the wax treatment.

3. One must stay away from workout out sessions, sun, high temperatures, and swimming pools for a minimum of 24 hours after the session.

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