When it comes to bringing alive your dream wedding with a 1000-people long guest list together with a melange of logistics, it’s not easy finding the perfect wedding designer who can pull it off without a hitch. Wedding designer  Pooja Doshi seems to have mastered her field leaving no scope for improvement or complaints. Pooja Doshi has carved a niche in the world of luxury wedding design through her brand Elusive Dreams founded in 2014. A leading design and wedding planning house, Elusive Dreams by Pooja Doshi transforms simple spaces into unique experiences with its OBT themes and decor elements. Not only this, the very talented lady has won various awards for her contribution in the luxury wedding decor including “National Achievers Award” and “Societal Grace Award For The Top Influential Women In The World”. We caught up with her to understand how she made her space in the luxurious wedding industry and what goes inside a typical Pooja Doshi wedding.

Pooja Doshi

Pooja Doshi is well-known for envisioning and designing some of the most glittering and unforgettable weddings in India and Internationally. Glamorous, timeless, iconic and classic defines Elusive Dreams, that aims to celebrate champagne moments like weddings in a memorable way!

ShaadiWish in conversation with wedding designer Pooja Doshi about her brand Elusive Dreams.

1. What’s your backstory? What inspired you to start your own wedding design company?

It was soon after I graduated from JMC, Delhi University with majors in History (Hons), when I started my career in the wedding industry.

Since my passion and love for weddings is endless, it is the only thing I have been doing. After gaining an experience of 2 years in the field, I started Elusive Dreams and I have to admit that I have zero regrets or complaints about the same. It has been 6 years now and my love for decor has only grown ever since. My motivation and my inspiration at the age of 22 came solely from my family who put their faith in my dreams. I was taught at a very young age to stand on my own feet, to have an identity of my own, to have an opinion and to be financially independent and it looks like it worked in my favor. 

2. How long have you been in the wedding industry?

It’s been 8 beautiful years doing exactly what I have always loved with the same zeal and enthusiasm. I never see myself doing anything else in this life. It’s just weddings and weddings alone for me.

3. How were your initial days in the industry? Did you face any challenges?

The initial days at Elusive Dreams were very interesting. Not only did I have a lot of learning experiences but also planned some of the most successful and larger than life events. I started doing destination weddings on my own soon after I went solo. Client appreciation and testimonials have always given me a major boost to work tirelessly.

I did face a few challenges because I was very young at that time and convincing my clients about my capabilities to be able to execute their dream weddings wasn’t a cakewalk. I remember planning an event in Jhansi for a minister with a 7000 people gathering, when my company was only 3 months old. It was one of the most challenging events I have organised, as a young wedding designer. 

4. How do you stay relevant in an industry where the trends keep on changing?

As a wedding designer, I don’t like repeating the same theme or the same decor after I’ve done before. If a client asks for a similar theme, I still end up changing either the furniture or adding an installation, which ends up changing the look. I like keeping myself updated with what’s trending. My leisure hours are mostly about researching new ideas and concepts which I can offer to my clients. 

5. How does one stay on the top of this job?

One has to be very calm and patient together with being responsible at the same time. It is not only important to cater to the needs and preferences of the clients according to their budgets but also to meet your costs and overheads and remember your value. Events can get very stressful and last minute crises do arise, so one has to always be prepared for the worst with a smile on your face.

6. Which are some of your memorable weddings that you created?

In the last few years, I have done over 100 events. I still fondly remember all the smiling faces of my clients when they see my work. I have seen brides’ and grooms’ mothers having tears in their eyes when they see the mandap or when they see the LIT stage.Their emotions always inspire me to do my best work.

One wedding that has a sweet spot in my heart is the one I did recently in February in Delhi. It was a destination wedding of a NRI couple from London. The reason it will always be close to my heart is because my grandfather passed away a night before their wedding festivities began. I was completely torn between my personal and professional life. But I didn’t stop, I didn’t look back. After his cremation, I was back on site in full swing and 6 events in 3 days in Delhi and 1 event in Mumbai simultaneously. These events made me feel emotionally stronger like never before.

7. Tell us about some of the most unusual or best wedding themes you worked on?

In my earlier days, I worked on a 1000 people engagement event in Ludhiana where Badshah performed. The clients wanted me to replicate the Roberto Cavalli club at their event. Though at that time my company was just 1 month old, we pulled off a successful event. It took us 6 days to convert those large vacant lawns into a Cavalli Club with over 40 crystal chandeliers

wedding designer

wedding designer

I also happen to love the trend of fairy lights which is ongoing right now. We did a fairy light themed sangeet for a Bombay based client at Umaid Bhawan, Jodhpur in December 2019. We even made peacocks with red hydrangeas for the lobby console which looked beautiful and was my absolute favourite. 

umaid bhawan palace wedding

peacock decor

8. What’s your aesthetic – how do you work as a wedding designer?

I have a very strong aesthetic sense. If the theme or the design don’t match my aesthetics, I don’t take it up because I know I won’t be happy with it once it’s done. I love designing and I love creating something new for each of my clients. And, it makes it easier for us if the clients are on the same wavelength with us because then we get an open hand to do better and then we can give it our 100%. Sometimes after multiple interactions with the client we understand their taste so well that we end up adding elements or props which we know they will like for sure. Every wedding is a new canvas for us, a new family, a new relationship building and some new bondings which are extremely precious for me. I treat every family like my own and every wedding like my own. I design to make myself happy.

9. What change in trends are you expecting post COVID-19?

Weddings post Covid-19 will be completely different with new mood boards. We at Elusive Dreams think that with the trend of intimate weddings coming into the picture, weddings will become more personalised. Top 3 themes we feel which will become hugely popular are:

1) Secret Garden

Farmhouse weddings at clients’ personal farmhouses, lawns and gardens will be big post COVID-19 with more use of fairy lights and festoon lighting including vintage elements like pampas grass. 

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2) The Lavender Theme

Lilac and Lavender are creating a big buzz right now as upcoming colour themes for post COVID-19 wedding. The love for pastels will definitely increase together with use of dried lavender flowers as a part of  wedding decorations.

3) The Trend Of English High Tea

With photographs being a focal point for afternoon or a sundowner function. We feel English High Tea theme will be trending soon. The use of floral cups, plates, napkins and pastels elements will soon be big time trending. Also, DIY themes will remain to have the usual effect on the onlookers. 

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10. Any tips for couples who are planning their weddings post COVID-19?

Please don’t worry and don’t be stressed. We are right here to make all your Elusive Dreams come to reality. Book your venues quickly and call us to help you design your dreams. Everything is going to be fine really soon. Don’t stop planning your dream wedding because the show must go on!

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So, if you are getting married soon, leave your wedding planning stress on Elusive Dreams’ shoulders because there’s no one like them!

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