Shilpa Shetty Kundra has literally flooded her Instagram with her fitness routine videos and we can’t help but take inspiration from this beauty. She is one of the Bollywood actresses who is very strict about her fitness and we absolutely admire her. We love her Sunday binges and everyone is allowed to have one cheat day, we think you all should surely get motivated from her. We know how a good workout session can relieve you from mental stress and trust us, you will feel absolutely fresh after this.

shilpa shetty kundra


Whether it’s yoga, dancing, weight training, or skipping, she is well-known for her perfectly toned body and keeps documenting her healthy escapades. Check out how Shilpa Shetty is a major source of inspiration for all brides-to-be.

Scroll Down To Check Out How Shilpa Shetty Kundra Is A Major Source Of Fitness Inspiration –

1. Stretching And Flexibility Of The Muscles 

This stretching and flexibility improve the function of the intestines and boosts the digestion process.


2. Meditation To Relieve Mental Stress

Meditating helps you kick start a better day and that too stress free, helps you release tension and have a relaxed day.


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3. Surya Namaskar For Toning And Flexibility Of Body

Practicing Surya Namskar daily helps increase shoulder and core strength while improving back flexibility, stamina, and endurance. 


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4. Yoga Asanas For Stretching And Strengthening The Body

It helps promote better functioning of the reproductive organs, reduces abdominal fat, and improves balance. You must try this every morning for a better start.


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5. Side Planks With A Little Variations

These planks help in strengthening the muscles and are really good for our body shape.


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6. Aiming For Belly And Fat Loss? Well, This Is A Must Try

These are great for your balance and body posture.


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7. Cat Camel Pose For Removing Body Stiffness

It helps improve the spine’s flexibility, strengthens the wrist and the shoulder, helps relax and calm the mind. 


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We hope these videos were enough to provide you with some incredible fitness inspiration from Shilpa Shetty Kundra.  She has also launched her fitness application by the name of Shilpa Shetty fitness and all brides-to-be must have it. What are you waiting for now? Make a routine and start practicing these daily for a healthier and more fit body. With her amazing Yoga and workout sessions, she is one actress who is just getting better and better and motivating everyone with her skills.

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