One thing that all brides need to be sure before their D-day is what they are going to give their BFF and these bridesmaid gift ideas are the perfect choice. All you brides just cannot ignore this and you have to pick the best for your girls. Let them know how much they mean to you and they surely deserve some credit for all the pains they took for you. From your bridal trials to all your wedding tantrums, they have been with you and you love them the most.

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They obviously deserve all the special attention and love and why not they have been your savior throughout. These bridesmaid gift ideas will leave your girlies teary-eyed and it will always be memorable for you all. Now, bookmark these and shower them with all the love.

Check Out These Bridesmaid Gift Ideas To Bring A Smile To Your Pretty Girl’s Face –

1. Jewellery Boxes 

Obviously, all of us are fond of jewellery and it gets really annoying when we misplace any, so this little jewellery box will help you keep all your accessories sorted and it is the perfect gift.

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas,

Image Source: Organice It

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2. Personalised Hangers

Another thing that you can consider as bridesmaid favor are these personalised hangers with their names on them. It is something unique and they will obviously be using it.

bridesmaids favors

Image Source: APK Bridal

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3. Makeup Kits

Make sure you give them something useful so it always reminds them of you and these cute makeup kits are the perfect pick.

persoanlised makeup kits

Image Source: Refined By Elegance

4. Cute And Beautiful Jewellery Pieces

We are totally loving these beautiful and gorgeous pendants and necklaces. You can give each to your bridesmaids and this will always remind you of each other’s friendship.

bridesmaids jewellery

Image Source: YSM Designs

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5. Karma Bangles By Pipa Bella

These are so trending right now and it looks so classy. These bangles have karma quotes on them and it looks really nice when you wear it with your watch.

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas,

Image Source: Pipa Bella

6. Personalised Bridesmaid Hampers

You can always go with personalised bridesmaid hamper and DIY them with all the favorite things of your bridesmaid. Trust us, they will be loving this and won’t be able to thank you enough.

persoanlised bridesmaid boxes

Image Source: Gracium

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7. Pretty Potlis

How about giving them the same potlis so that they can coordinate for your wedding festivities and can also use it afterwards?

bridesmaid gifts

Image Source: Pataaree

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8. Unique Lipstick Cases

Have you even ever heard of them? Well, we know how girls are so particular about their lip shades and these cute little lip cases are just the perfect bridesmaids favor ever.

lipstick cases for bridesmaids

Image Source: Pataaree

9. Night Suits For Bridesmaids

Get customized nightwear with names of each bridesmaid written on it and it will be such a great idea for a bridesmaid photoshoot for bridesmaids

Image Source: Pinterest

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So, we think these bridesmaid gift ideas were able to help you and you can now easily think of what to give your pretty bridesmaids to make them feel special. Make sure you gift your girlfriends the best, after all, you have tortured them enough and they have handled all your cold feet dramas and they deserve all the credit for it.

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