Well, the pandemic has affected us all in some way or the other and has compelled a lot of people to reschedule weddings due to Coronavirus. This has obviously led to a very chaotic situation for a lot of brides-to-be. The Coronavirus is literally testing everyone’s patience but we need to stay calm and strong and not let these tough times get to our mind. For our gorgeous brides-to-be, we would ask them not to get stressed and get prepped for their D-day.

Rescheduling Weddings Due To Coronavirus

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So, we at ShaadiWish reached out to brides-to-be who had to reschedule their wedding due to the lockdown and asked some questions about how the Coronavirus pandemic hampered their wedding plans. Scroll down to know the couples reaction to rescheduling weddings due to Coronavirus.

Check Out What These Real Brides-To-Be Have To Say About Rescheduling Of Weddings Due To Coronavirus –

1. Manisha Naithani

Manisha had her wedding scheduled on 16th April and it was a local wedding in Noida. But for obvious reasons, she had to postpone her wedding. When we asked her how she felt about her postponed wedding, she said “ I feel bad but when it comes to the Nation, it’s my duty to do very little for my country. Because weddings can be rescheduled but dealing with this epidemic is must. This is a tough time not for me but for the whole world. And I don’t think making people ill by gathering is a good idea. I want everyone whom I know should attend my marriage. But due to Coronavirus it was difficult for people to come and attend. So I made a decision to postpone my marriage”.

Manisha has now planned to have an intimate wedding with her close friends and family members and we admire her positivity and ask all the brides-to-be to take some inspiration from her.

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2. Charu Sharma

Charu’s wedding was to be held on 25th April and just a month before her wedding, the Prime Minister declared a nationwide lockdown. According to Charu, it was not that difficult for her to handle this because she had always wanted a winter wedding. But, at times it gets really messed up because everything is so uncertain and they really don’t know what is going to happen next.quarantine bride

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3. Sonam Tanwani’s Thought On Rescheduling Weddings Due To Coronavirus

Our bride, Sonam is originally from Bhopal and had a grand destination wedding planned in Bharatpur, Rajasthan on 25th April. When we asked her how she felt about her postponed wedding, she said “At first I felt very miserable because all the planning was done, all the bookings and above all the arrangements were made according to a summer wedding. Infact  even my trousseau was created for a summer wedding. But then our country is facing a bigger problem than this, Not only the country but the world thousands of people are in danger and all these things made me wonder that my problems are nothing”.

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How Are You And Your Fiance Dealing With This?

“This is very difficult for us as it’s a long distance relationship now.  We always sit and think if we   would have decided a date in February, we would be married by now. We are actually envious of the couples who got married earlier this year.”

Sonam has rescheduled her wedding for the latter half of the year and has left everything on how the situations work out.

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We really salute all the brides-to-be out there, we know how you must have been waiting for your D-day. But fret not, a little bit more patience is what will help you during this quarantine. You are so going to have your D-day and it will be memorable as ever. We hope you get to celebrate it very soon with all your loved ones.

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