The fact that you are ‘voluptuous’ is no reason for you to be stressed out about your wedding shopping. You may think that finding those perfect plus-size wedding dresses for your wedding is a difficult task. However, take a deep breath and calm down because our foolproof guide can make your curves look fantastic that too effortlessly!

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It’s true that no one size fits all. And, with a plethora of trending wedding dresses available in the market, there’s one for every kind of bride. You being a plus-size bride doesn’t mean that you cannot look all glamorous and trendy. All you need to do is to stick to a tried and tested guide for buying plus-size wedding dresses. Because, your body shape doesn’t define your beauty but your confidence and the way you carry yourself do. 

So, go all unconventional, bold and smart by adhering to our plus-size wedding dresses guide.

Know Your Body Type

It is always recommended to buy your bridal lehenga based on your body type so that you can feel comfortable in your skin. Plus size women come with four main body types – top heavy or apple shaped, bottom heavy or pear shaped, midriff heavy and an overall round body. 

The top heavy can be balanced by opting for a heavier, voluminous lehenga giving you a leaner and longer appeal. By picking an appealing choli with a stylish neckline and accentuating bust line together with a flared lehenga below will take the attention away from the midriff, giving you a stunning look. To make your bottom heavy body look slimmer, always opt for A-line silhouettes below, i.e. a minimal flared lehenga. A saree is also a great choice for this body type. Always bringing emphasis on the choli or blouse will balance the bottom heavy look.

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Lastly, an overall round body generally has weight from the arms, top, midriff to the bottom. Highlighting bust and bottom can work wonders at such body types. 

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ShaadiWish Tip: In case of heavier arms, it is recommended to go for long sleeves as it helps to take attention away from the arms.

Vertical Outfit Designs Instead Of Horizontal

Vertical (lengthwise) outfit patterns gives an illusion of a slimmer and longer body type. Hence, giving you a mesmerizing bridal look.

plus-size wedding dresses guide

Image Source: The Curvy Princess

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Bridal Makeup Artists

Plus-size Wedding Dresses Color Options

While you will see a lot of plus-size brides choosing darker colors like deep red, blue, green, maroon, in their outfits, picking a monochrome color also helps you look slim and tall. 

plus-size bridal wear

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Blouse Hacks For Plus-size Wedding Dresses

  • Opt for long blouse design: Covering the stomach area always does wonders for brides who have a heavy midriff. Therefore, it is advisable to go for long blouse designs like peplum blouses or jacket-style choli. 
  • Avoid Padded Blouses: If you have a heavier bust, avoid blouses with pads as they further add on to the look rather than diminishing the effect.
  • Neutral/Gold Blouse: Create an illusion to look slimmer by adorning a gold or neutral colored blouse with a bright lehenga beneath.

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Drape Your Bridal Lehenga Dupatta Wisely

Draping your bridal lehenga dupatta can make or break your wedding day look especially if you are a plus-size bride. Double dupatta draping does wonders on a curvy bride. If you drape your bridal dupatta smartly, it can help you hide those problem areas around the tummy giving you a slimmer look.

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Fabrics Do Matter

Opt for light and flowy fabrics like georgette and chiffon which perfectly drapes around the skin making you look slimmer. Fabrics like silk and velvet lend a more heavier look and should be avoided.

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You Can Never Go Wrong With Customized Outfits

The right fit is the most important thing for a plus-size bride. There are a lot of custom-made designers nowadays who design stunning bridal wear. Try them out before the wedding and get alterations done, if required. Also, always go for well-fitted outfits. Do not go for loose fitting outfits just in the hope of concealing the flaws as it would make the look worse than before.

plus-size wedding dresses guide

Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment

Who said that a curvy bride cannot wear Indo-western outfits or should only stick to the traditional lehengas? Go beyond the usual wedding outfits and be a stunner by going out all bold and happening.

plus -size wedding dresses guide

Every bride looks beautiful on her big day irrespective of her body type. Wear the right kind of outfits at your wedding to flaunt the right curves. You will surely make a stunning impression on your groom and the guests, when you add confidence and a smile to your style.

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