Everyone is rightly concerned about the recent Coronavirus outbreak worldwide and in India. Coronavirus is highly contagious and planning a wedding amid the spread of this deadly virus is very risky. As per the WHO Guidelines, the following pointers are very important to understand how to handle the COVID-19 from impacting you:

  1. Wash And Sanitize Your Hands Frequently
  2. Drink Plenty Of Water
  3. Do Not Touch Your Face, Eyes Or Nose
  4. Do Not Shake Hands While Greeting Each Other
  5. Cover Your Nose And Mouth While Sneezing And Coughing
  6. Do Not Go To Crowded Public Places

Coronavirus Outbreak

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Since weddings involve large gatherings, thereby increasing the chances of exposure, it is currently advisable to reschedule weddings. People travel from all over the world to attend weddings and right now advisory is to limit unnecessary travel. Coronavirus is highly contagious and planning a wedding amid the spread of this deadly virus is very risky and thus these steps must be considered before planning your special day.

Bookmark These Steps On Planning A Wedding Amid Coronavirus Outbreak –

1. Consider Intimate Weddings Over Big Fat Indian Weddings. 

If you are unable to reschedule your wedding,  then it is best to have a smaller wedding with immediate friends and family members whose travel history you are aware of. Large weddings with a big guest list make it difficult to contain exposure and hence, increasing the risk of coronavirus.

2. Plan A Wedding At Your Place Or Your Farmhouse

It will be better if you plan for a wedding at your place or your farmhouse and not consider any outside venue. It is strictly advised not to have gatherings or meetings as the coronavirus reaches all through anyone who is sneezing or coughing around you. This virus is highly contagious and measures should be taken.

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3. Home Cooked Food Instead Of Wedding Caterers 

Well, who would want to eat outside food in such adverse conditions? Hence, we think it would be better to serve food cooked at home which should be easy for an intimate wedding. And if you call caterers then you are inviting more people which is absolutely not a good idea. Home-cooked food can also serve as wedding favors. Isn’t it a great idea?

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4. Court Marriage 

And if you don’t want to take the risk and burden of planning a wedding at your place, you can always opt for a court registered marriage and have a reception later once the coronavirus outbreak has been curtailed. 

5. Care For Brides-To-Be

Well, for brides-to-be it is highly advised that they should drink plenty of fluids, avoid cold things, work on your immunity as you really don’t want this deadly coronavirus to hamper your bridal glow.

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6. Family Makeup Services By ShaadiWish

There is absolutely no need to go to a crowded place to get yourself dolled up when you can easily get ready for your big day by reaching out for family makeup services by ShaadiWish and get stunning makeovers without harming your skin courtesy premium quality products used by our verified makeup artists.

7. For Those With Destination Weddings

If your destination wedding was planned somewhere where you are not sure about the spread of the virus, you must always check the website of the government in that country and gain knowledge about the outbreak of the virus and then plan for your wedding. 

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8. Last But Not The Least

We know you have literally dreamt of a grand wedding and if you still want all your family members and relatives to be there for your big day, you can have it by rescheduling it. You can always wait for the COVID-19 to end so that you can have your dream wedding with your loved ones.

There is absolutely no need of getting disappointed as these steps will help you have your happily ever after and you can always plan for a wedding function later. Right? But these steps will help you have your intimate wedding after all it is all about you two. Still, once things settle you can have your fairytale wedding. Till then, stay safe.

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