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Undoubtedly, engagement rings are quite an investment for soon-to-be-married couples. Amidst all the wedding planning budget, you might not want to go too OTT with your engagement ring and that’s perfectly okay. And, if you thought that buying that perfect engagement ring will cost you a bomb you are completely mistaken.

The ShaadiWish fairies just made it easier for you by sorting some of the most stunning engagement ring designs that too under 1 Lakh only. Yes, you read it right!

Check out these gorgeous engagement rings which are easily available online at budget-friendly prices!

1. Heart-Shaped Solitaire Diamond Ring

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing like heart-cut engagement rings and this one has our hearts! Absolutely stunning, adorning this glistening solitaire diamond ring will make everyone bow to this regal charm!

engagement rings

Price: Rs. 28,583

Buy it now on Bluestone.com

2. Elegant Solitaire Diamond Ring

This one’s a perfect pick for all the brides-to-be who want to keep it all simple yet stylish. Minimalistic in design, this classic solitaire ring is all you need to adorn your ring finger with!

simple engagement ring

Price: INR 41,277

Buy it now at Caratlane.com

3. Engagement Rings Inspired By Unique Geometrical Designs!

Not a fan of round solitaire diamonds? Well, this OTT diamond ring is all you need to dazzle away the night!

square solitaire ring

Price: INR 34,456

Buy it now on Bluestone.com

4. Duet Solitaire Diamond Ring

Representing the twists and turns of every life, this intricate diamond ring with two solitaires is the perfect companion for every woman.

ideas for engagement rings

Price: INR 50,327

Buy it on Candere.com 

5. Glamorous Solitaire Engagement Ring Design

Alluring as it is, wearing this timeless wonder will add to its brilliance which is worth flaunting in your engagement and wedding pictures!

solitaire ring ideas

Price: INR 76,576

Buy it now at Caratlane.com

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6. Glittering Round Solitaire Ring

Absolutely breathtaking, this diamond ring is for all the brides-to-be who want to go OTT with their engagement ring!

round diamond ring

Price: INR 70,355

Buy it now on Bluestone.com

7. Offbeat Solitaire Engagement Ring

Simple yet captivating, this stunning solitaire diamond ring is sure to be the crowning glory of your fingers!

engagement rings

Price: INR 82,704

Buy it on PCjeweller.com

8. Round-Shaped Stylish Solitaire Ring

Stunning radiance together with an intricate design makes this round solitaire diamond ring a brilliant pick for your engagement day!for every bystander to own.

engagement ring ideas

Price: INR 82,985

Buy it now at Caratlane.com

9. Princess-Cut Diamond Ring

Simply drooling over this gorgeous engagement ring which is all royal and intricate in design!

solitaire ring ideas

Price: INR 96,593

Buy it now at Caratlane.com

Aren’t these engagement rings too gorgeous to be missed? Well, not only they are super charming but are easy on the pocket as well!

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