Amidst the ongoing violence in North East Delhi, a Hindu bride got married in a Muslim neighborhood. A 23-year-old Savitri Prasad wept as violent mobs battled outside on Tuesday, which was to have been her wedding day. Their family was asked to cancel her wedding due to the ongoing violence.

Check Out How This Hindu Bride Got Married In A Muslim Neighborhood –

1. Savitri Prasad All Set For Her Wedding Day

The Hindu bride was seen all dressed in her wedding attire with henna on her hands but she couldn’t get married due to the Delhi Riots. But her father then organized the wedding for the following day and his Muslim neighbors were family and he was comforted by their presence.

Hindu Bride

hindu bride getting married

The wedding rituals took place at the bride’s place at Chand Bagh District and just steps away from the home, the street literally was a war zone. The Muslims of the area were very helpful and protected the house until all the ceremonies were done.bride getting ready

Muslim neighbors gathered to offer blessings as the groom arrived and the wedding rituals took place inside the house.

Hindu Bride

It is so nice to read such stories which make us believe that humanity still exists in people because nowadays, we can see how the whole world is transforming into a monster. This Hindu wedding in a Muslim neighborhood is an inspiration that we all should spread love and not hate. Spread this message across and love all.

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Kriti Sawhney

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