Well, it’s been a while, we are all wanting to know how Rakhi Sawant’s husband looks like. The celebrity supposedly got married to UK based NRI on 20th July and since then we are curious to see her man. 

Rakhi Sawant shared a few pictures from her Hindu and Christian wedding rituals confirming her wedding (Check her wedding pictures here). And, now she has shared some of her honeymoon pictures in a little red dress showing off her sindoor and mangalsutra. While Rakhi Sawat is finally very clear about her marital status, the world is still unclear about the whereabouts of her husband, the man who got her for life.

 Check out how Rakhi Sawant’s husband clicked her pictures from their honeymoon.

rakhi sawant wedding

rakhi sawant honeymoon picture

rakhi sawant wedding

rakhi sawant

We know you might be wondering where Rakhi Sawant’s husband is in these pictures. But, looks like he is too shy to come in front of the camera. Well, we hope to see them together soon until then, enjoy browsing through Rakhi’s solo pictures in which she looks absolutely hot!


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