Looking for the best bridal beauty products? We know that being a bride gives you an amazing feeling but it is equally stressful as well.  All the wedding preparations, shopping, visiting the vendors and entertaining the guests can not only give you a headache but dull and sulky skin as well.

Also, let’s not forget the constant worry that a bride harbours inside herself. Moving to a new house and living with a new family can give you sleepless nights. All this becomes a source of those stubborn dark circles. You can now prep your skin with some amazing bridal  beauty products that are safe to use and very effective.

Trust us that these bridal beauty products can really help your skin to be healthy and beautiful. So, we got a chance to speak to some real brides and here is a list of 12 effective bridal beauty products that they swear by.

These bridal beauty products will breathe life into your skin and help you to deal with all the imperfections:

1. Forest Essentials – Facial Ubtan Roop Nikhar and Gulab

Forest Essentials offers so many facial ubtans but this one is the best. This miracle beauty product is made with almost 26 varieties of rose petals which are hand dried and hand pounded just to give you that envious glow. It comes in powder form and you can customise it according to your skin type. It is a gentle exfoliator which will remove all the dirt and tan from your face.

bridal beauty products, bridal trousseau, Forest essentials

Price – Rs. 1,025 for 70gm
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2. Kama Ayurveda – Kumkumadi Oil

This oil is like magic in a bottle. It is a night serum made with a unique blend of oils and herbs. The secret ingredient in this beauty product is derived from the rare saffron oil which will make your skin glow. This oil is 100% natural and will target your dark circles and fine lines too. Use it with rose water for better results.

bridal beauty products, bridal trousseau, kama ayurveda

Price – Rs. 2,395 for 12ml
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3. Souhait Essential – French Red Clay and Walnut Exfoliating Mousse

Souhait Essential’s French Red Clay and Walnut Mousse is actually a 3-in-1 face product. You can cleanse and exfoliate your face with it and instead of washing it off instantly, keep it on like a mask for about 10 to 15 minutes. It has red clay, walnut shell, rosehip seed oil and aloe vera. This detoxifying mask will give you a clearer and healthier skin. A beauty product, essential for every bride.

bridal beauty products, bridal trousseau, souhait essentials

Price – Rs. 695 for 50gm
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4. Just B Au Naturel – Radiant Pink Clay Mask

Oily skin attracts dirt like a magnet which makes it very tough to maintain it. This pink clay mask from Just B Au Naturel can do wonders for oily skin. It removes all the dirt, unclogs the pores and absorbs all the excess oil from your skin without making it dry. This chemical-free mask will make you look radiant. Trust us, this is one beauty product you will be addicted to.

bridal beauty products, bridal trousseau, Just B Au Naturel

Price – Rs. 945 for 100gm
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5. Burt’s Bees – Honey and Bilberry Foot Cream

If you think that nobody will notice your feet then you are absolutely wrong. Bride’s feet are given a lot of attention. Nobody enjoys the sight of cracked heels! So, use this Honey and Bilberry foot cream from Burt’s bees if you want to have soft feet. This cream is made from all the natural ingredients. Just apply this beauty product before you hit the sack to get softer feet in the morning.

bridal beauty products, bridal trousseau, Burt’s Bees

Price – Rs. 1790
Buy it here

6. Clarisonic – Radiance Brush Head

Clarisonic’s Radiance Brush Head is a lifesaver for those brides that have to constantly deal with blackheads and clogged pores. You can use this brush with any cleanser and it will gently exfoliate your skin. It removes all the dirt trapped in your skin and improves blood circulation. You only have to use it once a week for great results.

Clarisonic, bridal beauty products, bridal trousseau

Price – Rs. 3,034
Buy it here

7. Glamglow – Flashmud Brightening Treatment

Every bride wants to look radiant and this treatment from Glamglow can give you the desired results. The Flashmud Brightening Treatment uses white birch leaves which helps to even tone the skin. This treatment will give your face that perfect porcelain shine. This treatment works almost instantly.

bridal beauty products, bridal trousseau,Glamglow

Price – Rs. 1600 for 15gm
Buy it here

8. The Body Shop – Moroccan Rhassoul Body Clay

Rhassoul Clay is a well-kept secret of the Moroccan women. This clay comes from the Atlas Mountains and has skin firming qualities. It will tighten your skin by removing all the excess oil from it. You can use it before shower if you think that any part of your body needs a little extra pampering. We promise you that like Moroccan women you will be addicted to this beauty product.

bridal beauty products, bridal trousseau, The Body Shop

Price – Rs. 1,750 for 200ml
Buy it here

9. Natio – Skin Brightening Face Balm

Brides with dry skin often complain about patchy and uneven skin. This face balm from Natio will be the ideal part of your skincare regime. It has the goodness of chamomile and lavender oil which provide deep nourishment to the skin. This face balm will give you a smooth and supple skin.

bridal beauty products, bridal trousseau,

Price – Rs. 1,100 for 50gm
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10. Clinique – Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector

Dark circles and puffy under eye area haunt almost every bride. This dark circle corrector from Clinique is a blessing in a tube. Its formula is free from parabens or any other harmful chemicals that can irritate the delicate skin around the eyes. The metallic tip helps to sooth the puffiness while the liquid deals with the dark circle.

bridal beauty products, bridal trousseau,

Price – Rs. 3,600 for 15ml
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11. Elizabeth Arden – Visible Difference Peel

Harsh environment can cause more damage to the skin than we think. This peel-off mask from Elizabeth Arden can brighten and even out your skin tone almost immediately. Its botanical complex is formulated in such a way that it can move deeper into your skin to bring back that hidden glow to the surface.

bridal beauty products, bridal trousseau, Elizabeth Arden

Price – Rs. 2,860
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12. Votre – D Blemish Mask

This 100% vegetarian face mask is loaded with advanced antioxidants that hydrate and clarify to reveal a softer and clearer skin. It is made of special herbs that target blemishes, acne and pimples. If your skin is prone to breakout, try this mask.

bridal beauty products, bridal trousseau, Votre

Price – Rs. 1,190 for 100gm
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We know that as a bride, you wish to have the best skin but you have to accept that it doesn’t come easily. A little hard work will take you a long way. Invest in your skin right now so that you can glow on your D-day. These bridal beauty products are highly recommended by the brides themselves. You should listen to them and adopt a healthy skincare regime.

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