Gone are the days when an Indian bride was all about a coy lady dressed in a traditional red outfit, adorned with heavy precious metal jewellery, and had her hands full of conventional mehendi designs. The new age Indian bride is all about breaking the norms who loves to experiment and does not shy away from taking chances with her D-day look. She prefers bold silhouettes, loves unwonted hues, wears comfy sneakers instead of high heels, and what not! Just like rest of the things, her choice of mehendi designs too is different. That’s why we get to see a lot of unique mehendi designs on the brides’ hands these days and we totally adore them all. Have a look at them and you too are sure to fall in love with them.

1. Great love stories turned to beautiful bridal mehendi designs

This is one of the most beautiful trends in bridal mehendi that we have come across in the recent past. The brides, these days, are letting the mehendi artists use their hands as the canvas to paint their love story on them. Needless to mention, the result is simply out of the world, unique and personal. Here are some of the love stories that turned into unique mehendi designs:

unique mehendi designs, beautiful bridal mehendi, Mehndi designer, wedding planner delhi

Image Courtesy: Mehndi Designer

If you look closely at this mehendi design (above), you will notice some outstanding details. This couple met in Arizona, the desert region which is famous for cactus, and moved to Lodi, which is a grape country. Also, the bride’s father owns vineyards and she is a huge baseball fan. Well, that aptly makes for a well thought and beautiful bridal mehendi design.


How can we not fall for the unique mehendi design that the beautiful ‘Masaan’ actress adorned her hands with!

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2. When Bollywood love takes over the bride and the groom

Indian weddings are largely inspired by Bollywood movies and so, it doesn’t come as a surprise when the same is reflected in a bride’s mehendi. Here are two of our brides who opted for really creative and unique mehendi designs for their big day. While the first one had a Shah Rukh Khan-themed mehendi, the other one had a movie song’s line and a movie’s name written on her hands. Isn’t that super cool?

unique mehendi designs, beautiful bridal mehendi, saras henna

Image Courtesy: Saras Henna

unique mehendi designs, beautiful bridal mehendi, henna for all

Image Courtesy: Henna For All

3. Unique mehendi designs inspired from great proposals

A dreamy proposal is every bride’s dream. When our beautiful brides got to live their dream, they decided to reciprocate the love to their sweetheart by turning their proposal stories into beautiful bridal mehendi designs.

This groom in this picture (below) proposed to the bride at Jagmandir Palace in Udaipur by going down on one knee. While he had a secret cameraman to preserve that magical moment forever, the bride decided to take it to another level and so, we got to see this unique mehendi design.

unique mehendi designs, beautiful bridal mehendi, wedding photographer, shades photography

Image Courtesy: Shades Photography

Here’s one proposal that was done in front of London Eye:

unique mehendi designs, beautiful bridal mehendi, wedding photographer, the wedding crasher official

Image Courtesy: The Wedding Crasher

And, some more…

unique mehendi designs, beautiful bridal mehendi, wedding photographer, clicks unlimited photograpy

Image Courtesy: ClicksUnlimited Photography

4. The love for your furballs can also make beautiful bridal mehendi designs

For these brides, their pets are as important as their partners. So, while they got the names of their partners written on their hands, they also got the adorable faces of their ‘fluffs’ drawn along with them. Clearly, one of the most unique mehendi designs, right?

unique mehendi designs, beautiful bridal mehendi, bridal mehendi artist Henna by Divya

Image Courtesy: Henna by Divya

unique mehendi designs, beautiful bridal mehendi, wedding photographer, the wedding rhymer

Image Courtesy: The Wedding Rhymer

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5. Because food is the real bae…

For all the foodie couples out there, this is just the right way to reminisce your food dates.


unique mehendi designs, beautiful bridal mehendi, wedding photographer, cupcake productions

Image Courtesy: Cupcake Productions

6. The most heartwarming and beautiful bridal mehendi design  

We love how this bride gave us the most unique mehendi design by having the portrait of the parents made on her hands. This idea is has got the potential to become a hot trend this year, what say?

unique mehendi designs, beautiful bridal mehendi, Doll you up by S

Image Courtesy: Doll You Up by S

7. The wedding personalization makes space in the mehendi design too

It is a good idea to get your initials turned into a beautiful monogram. Well, it is a great idea to add that monogram to your mehendi design. Just like these brides did it in style!

unique mehendi designs, beautiful bridal mehendi, wedding photographer Dream Diaries

Image Courtesy: Dream Diaries

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8. Reminiscing the romantic moments through beautiful bridal mehendi designs

Last but not the least, here are some unique mehendi designs where the bride got one of the most cherished moments with their partner imprinted on their hands. Take a look and take a pick!


unique mehendi designs, beautiful bridal mehendi, candid wedding stories

Image Courtesy: Candid Wedding Stories

unique mehendi designs, beautiful bridal mehendi, Saras Henna

Image Courtesy: Saras Henna

Girls, you have got no reason to go ahead with the same old style when you have so many unique mehendi designs to choose from. So take your pick and rock your very own mehendi like a boss.

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